How to Throw the Best Zoom Game Night the Virtual World Has Ever Seen

Maggie Griswold
How to Throw the Best Zoom Game Night the Virtual World Has Ever Seen
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There’s nothing like a fun-filled game night with your friends—even if you can’t be with them in person. If I’ve learned anything from social distancing, it’s that you don’t have to have your friends with you IRL in order to throw an iconic Zoom party. Sure, it’s a little different than hanging out together in the same apartment, but there are so many fun Zoom game night ideas that you’ll definitely want to try as soon as possible. Just hit up your BFFs and follow our guidelines for creating the ultimate virtual game night. After all, what else are you doing tonight?

We’ve all become even more reliant on technology as of late, especially when it come to the switch from real-life ragers to virtual parties on Zoom. Sure, you probably miss your favorite bar’s trivia night or wine nights that turn into drinking game nights, but no one’s stopping you from video-chatting with your friends and vibing in your living room! Turn it into your own private late-night spot. You get to make your own rules, create your own custom cocktails and go to bed whenever you get tired. It’s low-key a dream scenario—and one we might even recreate even after social distancing is over.

If you’re wondering where to start—or how to make your Zoom game night the most epic one of all time—continue reading. Below, you’ll find all the tips you need on how to throw the game night to end all game nights. Whether you love to turn everything into a drinking game or just want a fun family night with your loved ones from afar, there are so many easy ways to create a virtual game night no one will ever forget.


1. Send Your Friends a Virtual Invitation

Game Night Virtual Invitation Evite


If you’re hosting a Zoom game night on a Friday, sent out a cute little invitation to your friends on Monday. That way, they’ll have something fun to look forward to throughout the week! You can use sites like Evite to create a free virtual invitation that fits your group’s aesthetic, too. (It’s the little things.)


2. Choose a Cute Zoom Background

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Since all your friends can’t be in the same place, have everyone make their Zoom background an image of the same apartment or bar—or a funny Zoom background that will make you all laugh. That way, at least it will look and feel like you’re together once again.


3. Pick a Virtual Game

cards against humanity box1 How to Throw the Best Zoom Game Night the Virtual World Has Ever Seen

Cards Against Humanity.

Although doing a game night over Zoom doesn’t lend as many options as an IRL game night, there are still so many ways to play virtually. You can host a trivia night for all your friends, play charades or even a virtual version of Pictionary. If you want to go more high-tech, though, you can also visit, a site that has multiple games—including a free version of Cards Against Humanity—that you can play virtually with up to six people at a time.


4. Make Some Cocktails

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The Sweetest Occasion.

While drinking during a Zoom party is definitely not necessary, it’s a great option for those who want to unwind after working all day. For those who choose to imbibe, there are myriad easy cocktail recipes you can make at home, so it will feel like you just got a drink from a bartender—and you didn’t even have to pay for it.


5. Switch to a Drinking Game (If You Dare)

man holding a beer


If you finish your charades and trivia games, but still want to keep the night going, you can switch over to a virtual drinking game. This is a chance to be creative with classic drinking games like Kings or Never Have I Ever. My friend group recently changed some of the rules of Kings to be better-suited for virtual drinking, and it ended up being a blast. Plus, at the end of the night, you can just saunter off to bed instead of hailing a car. It’s a win/win situation, and you and your friends are sure to have a fun night.