These Autumnal Zoom Backgrounds Are So Festive For Fall

Maggie Griswold
These Autumnal Zoom Backgrounds Are So Festive For Fall
Photo: Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

As we gear up for the best season of the year—fall, obviously—there are a few things each and every one of us needs on-hand: a fall-inspired face mask (safety first, people), some autumnal candles (always a must), a PSL (sorry not sorry!) and, of course, a few fall Zoom backgrounds to get us into the spirit. Autumnal gatherings and traditions might look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the season. Pumpkins, crunchy leaves, cozy vibes—they’re all a part of fall and deserve to be celebrated.

For many of us, Zoom has become a less of a tool and more like a way of life. Whether it’s morning meetings with your work team, family game nights or happy hours with your BFFs, odds are you’ve spent plenty of time on Zoom this year. And as we head into fall, that likely won’t change much. Thankfully, there are plenty of cute fall Zoom backgrounds that make staying indoors way more festive.

From gorgeous autumnal landscapes to spooky imagery to get you ready for Halloween, these images are here to make any Zoom meeting feel like a seasonal treat. Next time you’re popping into a Zoom chat, consider swapping out your typical background with something autumnal. It can serve as a reminder that a new season is approaching—a time to start fresh, drink a warm latte, put out pumpkins and revel in the camaraderie that loving fall provides.

To help inspire you, we’ve rounded up some seriously festive fall Zoom backgrounds below. You’ll find everything that makes fall the greatest season of them all: from pumpkin patches to colorful leaves. Throw on your coziest sweater, grab a coffee and settle in for some majorly autumnal vibes.


1. The Classic Pumpkin Patch

STYLECASTER | Fall Zoom Backgrounds

Courtesy of Maddy Baker/Unsplash.

Let’s start off with a classic: the pumpkin patch. While you’re in your next Zoom meeting, picture yourself walking around in the crisp fall air, searching for the perfect pumpkin to set in front of your door. Just don’t get too distracted as you daydream.


2. A Walk Through The Trees

STYLECASTER | Fall Zoom Backgrounds


Calling your best friend for a quick Zoom catch-up? Have both of you add this fall foliage Zoom background and pretend you’re taking a stroll through the crunch leaves. Make sure you each have a latte in hand, too!


3. A Couple PSLs, Obviously

STYLECASTER | Fall Zoom Backgrounds


Nothing quite says fall like pumpkin spice—so add a little bit of it into your Zoom background rotation. This image features two lattes, so you can virtually share or keep both for yourself. (We won’t judge if you want to drink ’em both.)


4. Your New Four-Legged BFF

STYLECASTER | Fall Zoom Backgrounds

Courtesy of Tereza Hoskova/Unsplash.

Hello, hi, OK, we need this dog in our lives right now. A pooch snuggling up in fall leaves is—dare we say—the perfect Zoom background. Who can resist this cute face and an abundance of crunchy leaves? No one.


5. The Iconic Corn Maze

STYLECASTER | Fall Zoom Backgrounds

Courtesy of Aaron Burden/Unsplash.

If your fall traditions typically include going through a corn maze, try out this Zoom background. It’ll feel like you’re there, wandering around the maze and attempting to find your way out. If you’re really feeling nostalgic, play a few virtual escape room games with your friends for a similar effect.


6. Some Spooky Jack-‘o-Lanterns

STYLECASTER | Fall Zoom Backgrounds

Courtesy of Beth Teutschmann/Unsplash.

BOO! While not all of fall is about Halloween, it definitely plays a part. If you can’t wait until spooky season, pop these jack-o’-lanterns on your screen while you Zoom away. Then blast “Monster Mash” on repeat while you work, of course.


7. An Autumnal Drive

STYLECASTER | Fall Zoom Backgrounds

Courtesy of Patrick Tomasso/Unsplash.

Take a drive through the country with this gorgeous fall Zoom background. You can pretend you’re sitting in the passenger seat, looking out the window while listening to your favorite moody tunes. This photo is great for days when you’re just over everything.


8. A Cozy Fireplace Set-Up

STYLECASTER | Fall Zoom Backgrounds

Courtesy of Rafael Leao/Unsplash.

Grab your favorite book or journal, cup of coffee and an oversized flannel, and cozy up by the fireplace with this Zoom background. This beaut can be used all the way through winter, too, so it’s truly a multi-purpose image.


9. Cute Halloween Cookies

STYLECASTER | Fall Zoom Backgrounds

Courtesy of Cayla/Unsplash.

Let the (virtual) scent of freshly baked fall cookies waft into your life. This Halloween-inspired fall Zoom background is perfect for those who don’t want to wait until the holidays to bake up a storm.


10. The Perfect Fall Landscape

STYLECASTER | Fall Zoom Backgrounds

Courtesy of Nathan Anderson/Unsplash.

Finally, feast your eyes upon this gorgeous view. Rather than stare out at your backyard or the building directly across from your window, set this photo as your Zoom background and transport yourself into nature.

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