12 Zoom Backgrounds To Help You Unleash Your Inner ‘90s Baby

Maggie Griswold
12 Zoom Backgrounds To Help You Unleash Your Inner ‘90s Baby
Photo: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

There are some things that will always bond ’90s kids together. From the toys we played with to the iconic movies and television shows during that era, we will always have a collective understanding of that time. Of course, the ’90s are over, and we’re living the future—where it seems video calls are the new normal. If you’ve been aching to add a little bit of your childhood back into your life, why not spice up your next video chat with some ’90s inspired Zoom backgrounds? Even if those with whom you’re chatting on Zoom weren’t around for the 1990s, some of these backgrounds will make it feel like they were. So much of the ’90s has made its way back into the mainstream, so we’re really just giving the people what they want: Furbies, Friends and Lisa Frank await you.

Below, you’ll find 12 ’90s inspired Zoom backgrounds that are sure to unleash memories of your childhood. It might even start to feel like you’re a kid again, waiting to rent the latest Mary-Kate and Ashley movie on VHS and begging your parents for more Beanie Babies. On Friday night, you turn on Nickelodeon and wait for All That to come on, bumping some Backstreet Boys tunes during the commercials. Ah, those were the days. Of course, we all wish we could just go back to the ’90s for a day or two to re-live these simpler times, but scientists have yet to invent a time machine (that we know of). If we’re stuck in 2020, at least we can make the most of it and create a ’90s-filled Zoom call. Use your imagination, and you might just find yourself on the set of Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


1. Furbies

STYLECASTER | 90s Zoom Backgrounds | furby


Surprise all your Zoom BFFs with a giant image of a Furby staring at them. It’ll be just like the ’90s, except this time, you (hopefully) won’t feel haunted by their big, taunting eyes. (Those things were kind of scary, OK?)


2. Backstreet Boys

STYLECASTER | 90s Zoom Backgrounds | backstreet boys


Anyone else spend most of the ’90s trying to learn the entire dance routine to “Bye Bye Bye?” No? Just me? Alright, this Backstreet Boys Zoom background and I will see ourselves out.


3. Blockbuster

STYLECASTER | 90s Zoom Backgrounds | blockbuster


There was truly never a better ’90s weekend than getting to roam Blockbuster and pick out the latest VHS to watch on a Saturday night. Bonus points if your parents let you get candy, too.


4. Clueless

Cher’s Plaid Mini Suit in ‘Clueless’

Paramount Pictures.

Ugh, as if! Cher is a total ’90s idol, and her iconic yellow plaid matching set is something that should score a prominent place in a pop culture museum someday.


5. Beanie Babies

STYLECASTER | 90s Zoom Backgrounds | beanie babies

John Alex Maguire/Shutterstock.

While it seems Beanie Babies live on eBay now, back in the day, it was everyone’s goal to have as many as possible. Re-live those simpler ’90s times with this adorable Zoom background.


6. The Sandlot

STYLECASTER | 90s Zoom Backgrounds | the sandlot 1993

John Bramley/20th Century Fox/Kobal/Shutterstock.

For-e-ver. For-e-ver. That’s how long we will love The Sandlot—and one of the most iconic moments in the movie, if you remember. If not, throw this classic ’90s film on tonight and let the memories flood back to you.


7. Vintage Lisa Frank (feat. Mila Kunis)

STYLECASTER | 90s Zoom Backgrounds | lisa frank

Lisa Frank.

Nothing brings me greater joy than remember Mila Kunis was one of the first faces of Lisa Frank back in the day. I can still remember asking for coloring books, notebooks, stickers and the like from this iconic ’90s brand.


8. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

STYLECASTER | 90s Zoom Backgrounds | fresh prince of bel air

Nbc/Stuffed Dog/Quincy Jones Ent/Kobal/Shutterstock.

If using this Fresh Prince of Bel Air Zoom background doesn’t immediately make your friends burst into the theme song, you’re not doing it right.


9. Tiny Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

mary kate ashley music videos gimme pizza young 12 Zoom Backgrounds To Help You Unleash Your Inner ‘90s Baby


Of course, a ’90s Zoom background round-up could never be complete without Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in their prime. The VHS tapes of their movies were my prized possessions.


10. Friends


Image: NBC.

Step into the Friends kitchen with this iconic Zoom background. You’ll get extra points if you can name the episode from which this still is from. (Hint: Notice what Ross is attempting to cook.)


11. Spice Girls

spice girls1 12 Zoom Backgrounds To Help You Unleash Your Inner ‘90s Baby

Getty Images.

I’ll tell you what I want (what I really, really want): another Spice Girls reunion tour. Until then, this ’90s Spice Girls Zoom background will have to do. I call Baby Spice!


12. ’90s Nickelodeon Logo

STYLECASTER | 90s Zoom Backgrounds | 90s nickelodeon logo


Let’s be real: ’90s Nickelodeon was perhaps the most iconic era of kids’ television. From All That to The Amanda Show, there was no shortage of amazing shows. And now you can star in your own Nick show with this Zoom background. You’re welcome.