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What To Wear For The Zombie Apocalypse

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What To Wear For The Zombie Apocalypse
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If there was ever a time to start worrying about a zombie apocalypse actually happening, then now would be it.

This past holiday weekend, a naked man was spotted on the side of the highway in Miami, eating another man’s face. Yes, you read that correctly. After a road ranger caught the incident and fired a few shots at the attacker after yelling at the man to stop, the pant-less dude still continued to munch away on human flesh (ew, gross).

Media outlets suggest that the zombie-like “nudist” could have been tripping hard on drugs, even though the actual reason has still yet to be confirmed. Either way, this whole incident just seems like a precursor to an impending zombie apocalypse.

If that is actually the case, you better start getting ready now and start stocking up on supplies, and, of course, make sure you have an appropriate wardrobe filled with stylish yet zombie-proof clothing.

From a pair of comfortable running shoes to getting some super stretchy leggings to run away from those damned brain-eaters, be sure to see what we’ll be sporting during the zombie apocalypse by clicking through the slideshow above!

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The zombie apocalypse may be upon us.


You're going to be doing a lot of running during the zombie apocalypse, so make sure you have a solid pair of running shoes.

Reebok SmoothFlex Run, $79.99, at Reebok

Photo: Reebok/

Tight clothing makes it harder for zombies to grab and hold onto you.

American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Unitard, $38.00, at American Apparel

Photo: American Apparel/

Support the girls and look stylish when you're killing off zombies.

Swift Run Tank, $88, at Sweaty Betty

Photo: Sweaty Betty/

You're going to need socks so you might as well add a little color and style.

Happy Socks x Opening Ceremony, $30, at Happy Socks

Photo: Happy Socks/

This thing almost looks like armor–sold.

Shock Absorber Run Bra, $62, at Sweaty Betty

Photo: Sweaty Betty/

Although wearing a leather jacket would look super badass, think about how hard it might be to do a lot of quick, rapid movement without being weighed down. Hence, our next option was a classic Barbour wax jacket.

Barbour Bedale Jacket, $379, at Orvis

Photo: Orvis/

When going into combat with the undead, you definitely want to have some combat boots. Plus, totes good for kicking the jazz out of zombies like they're a pinata.

Dr. Martens 1460 Boots, $120, at Dr. Martens

Photo: Dr. Martens/

Every American badass needs a pair of Calvin Klein underwear–fact.

Calvin Klein Seamless Hipster, $12, at Calvin Klein Underwear


We've been told that zombies can't bite through chainmail, so we're going to throw this onto the list, even though it does weigh over eight pounds.

Chainmail Riveted Aluminum Shirt, $370, at Swords Of The East


A classic wardrobe staple, zombie apocalypse or not. Also, they're really easy to move around in. #NoBrainer

Danskin Women's Active Essential Supplex/Lycra Ankle Legging, $36, at Danskin

Photo: Danskin/

If there's one thing we've learned wardrobe-wise from watching zombie flicks and TV shows, it's that you will be always on the move.

Gregory Women's Jade 50 Backpack, $129.68, at Amazon

Photo: Amazon/

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