Zoe Saldana: Fragrance Deal with Avon Confirmed, Plus 10 More Star Scents


Zoe Saldana, a believer in the empowerment of women everywhere, has partnered up with a brand that thinks likewise. Saldana and Avon have joined together to create a new fragrance called Eternal Magic and inspired by the rare Princess Monaco Rose. Saldana will also be the new face of Avon’s color cosmetics collection, and personally, we’re excited to see the gorgeous actress rise in the ranks even more–especially after her star-making turn as a hot, incredibly fit blue person in Avatar.

Celebrity scents seem to be taking over the fragrance world, which is why we provide you with 10 more star scents to covet:

In Bloom By Reese Witherspoon
Another Avon collaboration, this scent will remind you of a Magnolia tree’s beautiful white blossoms. Witherspoon was inspired by her childhood in Tennessee.

All You’ve Ever Wanted Inspired by Demi Moore
Clearly Demi Moore has all she’s ever wanted and more; maybe some of that lucky magic will rub off on you while wearing the scent!

DVB Beckham Signature Story
Inspired by their passion for vintage glamour, David and Victoria created a scent that captures the essence of old Hollywood with a fairy tale twist.

My Glow by Jennifer Lopez
Created with the intent to capture that warm, fuzzy feeling that new mother’s get, Jennifer Lopez attempts to connect with all women in the glow of new life.

Faith Hill Signature Parfum
Brought about to stimulate past memories and emotions of life, love, confidence and beauty.

Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson
A scent that marks the importance of romance, Simpson’s perfume mixes lotus blossom, peony, plumeria, jasmine, and rose to create the perfect romantic aroma.

Halle by Halle Berry
Halle calls this fragrance her second baby; the actress has said that while working on the perfume, she poured a ton of heart and soul into it. Sounds like it’s worth a whiff to us.

Sarah Jessica Parker the Lovely Collection
Because Sarah Jessica Parker knows best, she created not only one but three scents known as Dawn, Endless, and Twilight for women to choose from. Pretty smart in our opinion since each and every girl has her own unique taste.

Gwen Stefani: Harajuku Lovers
Inspired by her Harajuku backup dancers, Gwen never fails to surprise us — especially since the bottle is a mini cartoon version of herself.

Kate by Kate Moss
Saving the best for last, Kate by Kate Moss embodies the muse herself. It’s a mix of that feminine sensibility and iconic edge Ms. Moss has that will surely please every girl.