The Zoe Report: Where the Wild Things Are


The content you see and read here often directly address the questions I receive via the Ask Rachel section on my website and Twitter. Lately, the queries are pouring in about the animal bracelets I wore on the show. I am so happy you love them as much as I do! The mastermind behind these statement pieces is Kathy Rose–her collection of bracelets, rings, and other accessories for Roseark are some of my greatest treasures.

After you finish “oohing” and “aahing” over these artful jewels, you must explore Kathy’s entire menagerie of beautiful animal cuffs. The Fox, Eagle, and Double Tail are all OOC.* Each animal symbolizes something different: change, protection, and blessings. I mix and match the rose and yellow gold eagles and snakes. In fact, I haven’t removed them in two years; they are molded to my wrist! Adapt these spiritual, yet elegant masterpieces into your own jewelry collection by layering a creature cuff over your other staple bangles and bracelets. Just pick your favorite animal and stack them up-don’t be shy, they won’t bite 😉 xoRZ

*OOC = Out of control

Availability: Kathy Rose for Roseark Snake Cuff (starting at $1000).

Parallel Universe


Alkemie thin serpent bangle, $88, at

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