7 Ways to Steal Zoë Kravitz’s Trendy New Triangle Sunnies Look

Maggie Griswold
7 Ways to Steal Zoë Kravitz’s Trendy New Triangle Sunnies Look
Photo: Mike Marsland/WireImage.

While I wait patiently—which may be an over-exaggeration, TBH—for Big Little Lies’ second season to arrive, I’ve found comfort in constantly visiting the social media accounts of the show’s stars. Whether or not this is a healthy practice (it’s definitely not), it’s given me so many looks to try out. While most celeb looks aren’t super attainable, I found one that is: Zoë Kravitz’s triangle sunglasses. You’re welcome.

The Big Little Lies actress uploaded a photo to Instagram on Wednesday modeling triangle-shaped sunglasses from Yves Saint Laurent. The photo is actually four photos in one, and they’re all looks from her L’Officiel Paris cover shoot. Not only does Kravitz look bomb in the YSL sunnies, but she actually pulls off green nails—a color that would make me look like Shrek’s younger sister. Of course, the beautiful actress wears the color well, as she does wearing pretty much everything—or nothing, in the case of her naked Rolling Stone cover.

Since I can’t really rock a green nail, the triangle sunnies are my best chance at achieving Kravitz’s ~lewk~. They seem like a slightly more flattering take on the tiny suglasses trend—which, by the way, I’m convinced looks good on, like, three people total. Plus, Kravitz’ triangle sunnies look like they would actually keep sun out of your eyes. Put me down for 1 million pairs—OK, maybe just seven.

I scoured the internet and a handful of triangle sunglasses that will undoubtedly make you feel almost as cool as Zoë Kravitz doing a cover shoot for a magazine. Look, you can’t have it all. And “almost as cool as Zoë Kravitz” is still pretty damn cool.

STYLECASTER | Triangle Sunglasses To Shop

High Pointed Triangle Sunglasses, $10.99 on Amazon

Look like Zoë Kravitz in just two days (assuming you have Amazon Prime, which, like, who doesn’t at this point?)!

STYLECASTER | Triangle Sunglasses To Shop

Hot Hip Hop Triangle Sunglasses, $27.90 at LILACOCO

IDK what makes these “hip hop”, but I do know what makes them Zoë Kravitz.

STYLECASTER | Triangle Sunglasses To Shop

New Wave SL 207 Jerry, $1,320 at Yves Saint Laurent

I can’t afford these, but if you wanna go hardcore Zoë Kravitz look-a-like, these are for you.

STYLECASTER | Triangle Sunglasses To Shop

True Vintage ’90s Deadstock Triangle Steampunk Sunglasses, $16 on Ebay

Zoë Kravitz triangle sunnies, but pink. (Because pink is fun.)

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Triangle Design Mirror Lens Sunglasses, $2.99 at Romwe

These are literally less than $3, so like…buy a bunch.


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Punk Triangle Personality Sunglasses, $26.99 at LarosaStyle

These look a little like something out of the Harry Potter universe, but I’m not mad about it.

STYLECASTER | Triangle Sunglasses To Shop

Saint Laurent Jerry Sunglasses, $450 at Shopbop

A less expensive YSL version. Zoë Kravitz look: Achieved.


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