Zoë Kravitz Had the Best Response to Someone Who Asked if She Got Lip Fillers

Zoë Kravitz.
Photo: Jared Siskin/Getty Images for YSL.

In today’s edition of hilarious celebrity clapbacks, we’ve got Zoë Kravitz’s response to plastic surgery lip filler questions. The Big Little Lies actress had no time for the foolishness taking place in her Instagram comments section after she posted a photo to the social media platform on Feb. 26.

Zoë captioned the selfie, “pre @ysl show vibes @yslbeauty Rouge Pur Couture Slim Sheer Matte 102 + Natural Pink and Volupte Liquid Balm 1 💋,” highlighting the makeup products she used to achieve her perfect pout on display in the photo. Yet someone assumed the actress had work done to her lips instead.

A user by the name of @annasagi1 commented, “Babe, what have u done to your beautiful natural lips?? 🙏🏻🙏🏻.” Yep, I’ll let that one sink in for a moment before we get into why Zoë literally had to remind this person that, A) lipgloss can do wonders for plumping and, B) this is how her lips have always looked.

Even though Zoë didn’t owe this random, invasive commenter an answer, she set the record straight anyway. “um. put some lipgloss on them .. .” she wrote in response. You’d think that’d be the end of it. Yet confusion seemingly ran high for this commenter and others who were convinced the actress had altered her lips.

Zoë clapped back once and for all with another response: “these are my lips. all pure,” she wrote, “the equivalent as they always been.” And that’s on that.

Others began weighing in on the obvious here. On the one hand, nobody should ever feel entitled to knowing whether or not anyone else has had work done. On the other hand, that shouldn’t even be a discussion here. As one commenter wrote, “Don’t you know that black woman are made this way..we don’t need fillers 🙄🙄,” while another pretty much sums up how we’re feeling about this whole strange situation: “Don’t play with black ladies like that Ever.”