Zoë Kravitz Just Chopped Her Hair Off Into a Pixie

Lauren Caruso
Zoe Kravitz
Photo: Getty Images

We’re just gonna say it: As far as cool-factors go, most of us pale in comparison to Zoë Kravitz. Not only is the 28-year-old actress, singer, and sometimes-model basically the poster child for insouciant confidence, but she’s also proven that she can pull off just about any look (read: platinum braids, ’40s-inspired waves, and even a blue-heart-accented undercut).

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After she finished filming HBO’s Big Little Lieswhich I just finished watching about an hour ago, and holy hell, please go watch it STAT—she bleached her braids. And now, Kravitz revealed another huge hair change on Instagram: a platinum pixie.

She posted a rather cryptic Instagram a few hours ago of what appears to be the remnants of her braids on a tiled floor, captioned, “Oh shit : part 1.” It wasn’t clear if she’d meant for them to be on the floor, or if it was the result of a horrible accident-slash-my worst nightmare, which is why I’ll never chew gum while lying down ever again. Here’s the pic:

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Credit: Instagram | @zoeisabellakravitz

Then, just three hours later, Bonnie Carlson Kravitz finally posted her new (and, thankfully, intentional) look: a boyishly sexy pixie cut, done by hairstylists Nikki Elms and Daniel Moon—the former of which who also works with Beyoncé and Janelle Monae. Krativz captioned the big reveal, “Oh s–t: part 2 #newhair #whodis?”

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Credit: Instagram | @zoeisabellakravitz

See what we mean? Kravitz can literally pull off any look—and now I can breathe easy knowing all my worry was for naught. Girl looks good.

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