These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Worst Week, Unless They’re Willing to Step Out of Their Comfort Zone

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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Worst Week, Unless They’re Willing to Step Out of Their Comfort Zone
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Kicking off a brand new astrological season has its perks, but embarking on a new chapter will always require a certain amount of work. With that being said, if you’re one of the zodiac signs who will have the worst week of September 26 to October 2, it’s probably because you’re being confronted with what needs to be improved and/or resolved. Tackling all of this could feel like an adulting nightmare, but you will accomplish everything one step at a time.

This week begins on a more serious note, but passions will still be running high. The sun in Libra’s opposition with Jupiter in Aries on September 26 will highlight both your desires as an individual and your responsibilities to your partnerships. Venus will form a smoldering trine with shadowy Pluto that very same day. Whether your relationship is personal or professional, the planet of love and Lord of the Underworld could have a polarizing impact on your union. Jealousy, power plays and/or shady behavior could be brought to your attention, which isn’t always fun!

The following day, Mercury retrograde will also form a connection with dark and formidable Pluto retrograde, which can be equally as insightful as it is verbally venomous. In other words, if you need to get something off your chest or do some undercover research for the sake of satiating your hunch, do so with caution. As if this weren’t enough reason to play Investor Gadget, the moon will enter Pluto-ruled Scorpio for the win. Ground your energy, and don’t undermine the emotions that resurface.

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Venus in Libra will oppose Jupiter in Aries on October 1, which can also make things go from extravagant to excessive sooner than you realize. If your sun sign and/or rising sign happens to fall under any of the below zodiac signs,  here’s why you should take some much-needed downtime in the week ahead:

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week

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Keeping things cordial with your partner—whether it’s romantic between you or strictly professional—is easier said than done, especially on September 26 when the sun makes its annual opposition to Jupiter in your sign. You’re well-aware of your individual desires and you’re not afraid to embody this fiery boldness but, by that same token, you’re also doing everything in your power to keep the peace in this relationship. Could there be something you’re not realizing about yourself in the process?

That same day, Venus’ trine to Pluto retrograde will bring focus to themes of power, control and perhaps even greed. This could be you, them or both of you, but the shadow side of a particular strategy and/or method isn’t being brought to your attention at this time. If something’s toxic, reflect on what it is you’re holding onto, and trying to prove. Venus will form an opposition to Jupiter in Aries on October 1, bringing forth a similar but sweeter energy. This is all followed by Mercury direct on October 2. With time and patience, you will soon be gaining the clarity you seek.

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Overworked? Be gentle with yourself, Cancer. The week kicks off with a gentle reminder from the cosmos, as the sun will make an opposition to Jupiter in your career sector on September 26, highlighting a lack of balance between your personal vs. professional life. This is especially prominent for those of you working from home, as Venus in Virgo is currently moving through your third house of neighborhood interactions. This could be a busier and more chaotic time than you’re comfortable with, Cancer.

Maybe it’s time for a fall cleanse? Decluttering and reorganizing your living space will bring your zen back. The same goes for your mind, body and soul; virtual pilates in sweatpants will do. Venus’ ingress into Libra on September 29 will soothe some of the tension in the home-front, but its opposition to Jupiter on October 1 could still lead you astray. For instance, if you’re prepping for spooky season, don’t overdo it on the fall decor. Swiping and splurging never felt this good, but your bank account will thank me later.

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You know what you want, but it still isn’t resonating with your family and friends. Granted, you’re notorious for going against the grain, but the lack of support isn’t sitting well with you. This is all thanks to the sun’s opposition to Jupiter on September 26, but Mercury retrograde’s close proximity to Venus that same day will probably be equally as uncomfortable. Conjugating together via your eighth house of transformation, shared resources and intimate unions, conversations you would much rather avoid are now front and center.

As if this weren’t enough, Mercury will connect with Pluto retrograde via your 12th house of secrets, bringing focus to energies that were either purposely kept under wraps on your behalf, or hidden from your conscious mind. No one likes getting caught red handed, but the moon’s ingress into revelatory Scorpio isn’t very forgiving. Honesty is the best policy as cliche as this sounds, so communicate with honesty and steer away from any shady business.

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