These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Worst Week, But That Doesn’t Mean They’re Doomed to Fail

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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Worst Week, But That Doesn’t Mean They’re Doomed to Fail
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On top of the emotional climax stemming from the full moon in Aries, Mercury’s ingress back into Libra is also bringing the past back around for review, at least until it leaves its post-retrograde shadow phase. So, if you’re one of the zodiac signs that will have the worst week of October 10 to 16, it’s most likely because you’ve got a lot on your mind. An influx of information can cause confusion this week, so be sure to stay grounded.

Mercury will re-enter Libra on October 10 which will encourage you to revisit, rehash and/or reconsider commitments that were made back in September. And although the moon in Taurus will help stabilize some of these scattered emotions, it’s important to be mindful of whether you’re grasping on too tightly to a particular outcome. This, along with the sun’s trine to Saturn retrograde on October 11, could add a layer of pragmatism to the atmosphere, but this could ultimately help you create more discipline in your decision-making process.

Fast forward to October 12, when Mercury makes an opposition to Jupiter retrograde, which creates tension between the dynamic of your immediate exchanges vs. your desire for personal expansion. Not seeing eye-to-eye with your friends, peers and significant others? It’s important to note that Mars will also square Neptune, emphasizing the feelings of confusion. More specifically, if you’ve been intuitively (Neptune) drawn to the idea of something, the more logical influence of Mars in Gemini could dizzy you with information overload. The real question is: do you trust what you know to be true deep inside, or are you solely focusing on the facts?

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If your sun sign and/or rising sign happens to fall under any of the below zodiac signs, here’s why you’re more prone to reconsidering previous decisions this week:

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week

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Prioritizing your “zen” can go a very long way this week, so don’t hesitate to turn your energy inward. After all, with Mercury joining the sun and Venus in Libra at the start of the week—via your fourth house of home, family and innermost feelings—you’re more likely to focus on personal matters, specifically the exchanges, contracts and commitments made early on in September. The next day, the sun will connect with Saturn in a serious but stabilizing trine, activating your fourth house of home and eighth house of joint ventures.

Communication may flow with ease, but you may still be struggling with addressing some of the issues being brought to your attention. This is especially true when considering Mars’ square to Neptune on October 12, as you could feel like your faith is being tested. Have you been strategizing on next steps behind the scenes? After the moon’s ingress into your sign on October 15, Luna will square off with Mercury to conclude the week. Again, be sure to use your discernment when it pertains to your sense of security vs. what your S.O. considers fair game.

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Introspection is your favorite pastime, but you’re especially inhibited at the start of the week when Mercury returns to Libra, and your reclusive 12th house of secrets, and unconscious patterns. This could also have something to do with your contractual agreements and desire for compromise, especially with the moon slipping into Taurus and your relationship sector. Although, with the sun connecting Saturn the following day—activating your 12th house of healing and fourth house of personal matters—you could be hyperfocusing on the burdens surrounding this situation, as opposed to going within and doing the inner work.

This could, in turn, be the culprit of this week’s draining Mars-Neptune aspect, as you could feel torn between your ideal case scenario vs. the influx of information being presented to you at this time. Be it with regards to your romantic partnerships or your professional employers, you’re more prone to idealizing things this week, so try to stay centered. The same goes for the moon’s square to Mercury on October 16, as you are being called to follow your intuition… and yet, you can’t help but over-analyze the information you know first-hand.

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There’s a lot of emphasis on your intimate unions—both personally and professionally speaking—especially now with Mercury joining the sun and Venus in Libra, via your eighth house of joint ventures. And though you’re equally as compassionate as you are empathic, you could be struggling when it comes to maintaining a healthy balance of give and take within these connections. Addressing some of these issues would be helpful, but the sun’s trine to Saturn on October 11 could simultaneously highlight some of the burdens you’d prefer to sweep under the rug.

The next day, Mercury will form a tricky opposition to Jupiter—your second house of money, values and sense of security—creating friction between your desire for expansion vs. your prior commitments. Unfortunately, Mars’ square to elusive Neptune (that same day) doesn’t help the situation, as it will continue to blur the lines between your ideals and the logical facts surrounding a personal matter. Communication is key… but again, finding balance between what you consider to be emotionally fulfilling and meeting your significant other(s) half way will continue to be of essence.

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