These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week, Thanks To An Intense Full Moon In Aquarius

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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week, Thanks To An Intense Full Moon In Aquarius
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Fasten your seatbelts, because the cosmos is just getting started. This week is not only action-packed with a series of rich transits, but also overpowered by a supercharged full moon in Aquarius Here’s a tip: think back to the new moon in Aquarius that took place in February 2022, as this full moon will likely evoke a full-circle moment. If you’re one of the zodiac signs who will have the worst week of August 8 to 14, know that these celestial growing pains, too, shall pass. You got this!

Besides, the journey of self-discovery is nothing short of challenging not to mention intensity-filled, but the gift of resilience and stamina is typically worth it in the long run. Having said that, the moon will shift into structured Capricorn on August 8, which is also known as the “Lion’s Gate” portal given the serendipity of it happening during Leo (lion) season. More importantly, however, the repeating of the number 8 (8/8) is also incredibly auspicious, as it represents the bridge between the physical, and spiritual realm. Don’t forget to journal your intentions and reflections.

Ironically enough, before concluding its intuitive journey through sentimental Cancer, Venus will make its annual opposition to powerhouse Pluto… which is always interesting, to say the least. The best way to look at this opposition is, Venus is what reminds you of home, and what is of value to you. Pluto retrograde, on the other hand, could represent the shadow side of a particular situation, namely when it comes to matters of love, romance, finances and values. This is where the friction lies, so balance is key.

Follow your intuition, because the full moon will reach its peak in Aquarius the following day. Also, no need to dwell on the intensity of Venus opposite Pluto, especially since Venus will be entering Leo that same day. A little drama-rama doesn’t hurt but if tempers flare, now you know why. Aquarian themes will also be brought to light at the time of this lunation, given the essence of this socially conscious air sign. Tensions begin to dissipate upon the moon’s shift into Pisces on August 12, but the energy will regain momentum on August 14 when Mars trines Pluto. This is a great transit to channel your passions, and cultivate them in a productive way.

If your sun sign and/or rising sign happens to fall under any of these zodiac signs, here’s why you’re asking for a raincheck when it comes to this week’s astrology:

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week

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It’s one thing to have Mars and Uranus stirring up a little chaos in your sign, but it’s a whole other situation when there’s other fixed energies at play, which is what’s happening currently. As if this weren’t enough to call it a week and take a nap, your harmony-seeking planetary ruler, Venus, will make its annual opposition to shadowy Pluto just days before the full moon, which is equally as revelatory as it is intensity-filled. Confronting what’s been repressed is your best bet, especially when considering the aspects of this week’s full moon in Aquarius. This full-circle moment will more than likely have something to do with your professional life, if not your general sense of authority. And despite whether you’re comfortable admitting it, the ego is a big part of your shadow attribute this week. So, confront what comes up for review, so you can really move on. 

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When things are in a flux internally or at home, the emotional chaos will more reflect onto your external reality, whether it be with a significant other or via a professional endeavor. Truth be told, the way you approach others and take the driver’s seat of your life has everything to do with the foundation of your inner world, and this is precisely what is being brought to your attention under this week’s electric full moon in Aquarius. For reference, think back to the new moon, and reflect on themes surrounding your individual freedom. How have you evolved? If there’s something weighing over your head with regards to home and family dynamics, take a moment to call back your energy. There’s an opportunity to set the necessary boundaries, and break free from nervous thoughts and patterns that have been stifling your life in the real world. It’s all coming to a head, so take your time processing it.

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What have you been resisting in your personal and/or professional life? This week’s full moon in your sign is shedding light on themes surrounding everything from your sparkling individuality to your desire for freedom. Although, before bringing focus to your full-circle moment, Venus’ opposition to Pluto on August 9 is challenging you to discern between what is familiar and of genuine value vs. your conscious and/or unconscious desire for control. Having said that, if you’ve been keeping yourself stagnant for the sake of being in control of a particular situation, this “resistance” and/or inability to surrender will be emphasized during this time. Mars will also meet with Pluto retrograde on August 14, suggesting that your spirit could be secretly longing to ground something in reality. Are you being authentic? It starts with being honest with yourself, and the clarity you seek will follow sooner than you realize.

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