Yikes—These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Summer

Brenna Lilly
Yikes—These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Summer
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Many of us are in our element this summer: Fully slathered in SPF, finally socializing and soaking up as much vitamin D as we can get! Others, though, are definitely having less fun. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes the astro-weather just stinks. There are three zodiac signs I predict will have the worst summer—and why.

If you’ve been following along with my astro-forecasts, you’ll know that there’s one particular angle that I dreadthe square. A “square” happens when two planets and/or signs are at 90 degrees to one another. The energy of a square placement feels a lot like being rubbed the wrong way, or like you’re butting heads with someone or something. Right now, this placement is the worst at play for three particular signs.

An important note for this forecast: Unlike during an event like Mercury retrograde, when everyone feels the effects of a planet gone haywire, the three signs below will uniquely experience a planet or sign butting up against their natal Sun this summer, causing internal reactions like rash emotions and confusion. Although emotional expression is important, extreme emotional outbursts often cause more issues than they solve—so try to be conscientious if your name is on this list.

To soothe the sting of this bad news, I’ve given each of these three signs some activities to help them process this summer’s potentially rocky astro-weather and difficult emotions. To each of the zodiac signs slated to have a shitty summer—godspeed.


STYLECASTER | Libra Zodiac Sign

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Libra, this summer’s going to be tricky to navigate. To start, the Sun is in Cancer until July 21. Though you Venusian kinds love long summer beach days replete with wine, charcuterie and good music, the sign of Cancer squares your Sun sign, making everything feel a little uncomfortable. Mercury will also square your sign, sitting in Cancer from July 9 to 26. 

However, as a reprieve, Venus and Mercury will saunter into your sign towards the end of summer, on August 16 and August 30, respectively. To get through the rough placements at the beginning of summer, let yourself feel any frustrating emotions— don’t lock them deep within yourself, as Libras tend to do. Break through annoyances and stagnancy with movement; yin yoga can be hugely helpful for processing and transmuting emotions. 


STYLECASTER | Aries Zodiac Sign

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Aries: just like Libra, your sign squares Cancer, which means difficulty at the beginning of the summer. You’re probably going to feel “off” from now until July 26, when Mercury moves into your fire-sign sibling, Leo. These placements could manifest as feeling unfoundedly angry, getting easily annoyed at minor issues, butting heads with others, or just feeling ungrounded.

However, once Mercury joins the Sun in Leo, you’ll be feeling much more like yourself. Since your Aries nature is to express your emotions outwardly, try thinking before you speak this summer. A simple mindfulness meditation or breathwork exercise will serve you well, babe.


STYLECASTER | Taurus Zodiac Sign

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The beginning of summer will be a breeze for you, Taurus. You and Cancer enjoy each other’s company (at a sextile angle of 60 degrees), so when the Sun and Mercury are in Cancer, you’ll feel stable under their tender influences. However, when Leo season comes around on July 21, things start getting rocky. Taurus squares Leo, which spells irritation and discomfort.

Because you have chill homebody energy, everything about Leo energy (outgoing, attention-seeking, hot hot hot) goes against your nature. Ground yourself in self-compassion—take a long walk in the park, through the woods, or at the beach when you feel like you’re going to blow your lid. Once Venus moves into Libra on August 16 (another sign ruled by Venus, in Venus), you’ll feel much better. I promise!

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