Sorry, Witches: These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Halloween

Brenna Lilly
Sorry, Witches: These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Halloween
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As a real-life witch and astrology geek, I definitely do a lot more chart-reading when Halloween comes around—it’s just part of the vibes! Unfortunately, this year, I’ve discovered three signs that will have the worst HalloweenThese signs are in trouble because of the kind of angles their signs make, as well as the planets they make those angles to. Ready for some bad news?

Ask almost any Western astrologer and they’ll agree: Squares mean trouble. This angle creates noticeable clashes between people, or even between facets of one individual. Slightly less bad is the quincunx (cool word, right?), which causes a similar energetic misstep that’s a bit more subtle than a square. You may notice that you just don’t understand people with signs at a quincunx angle to yours.

Then there’s the planets. When I give basic chart readings, I focus heavily on the sun and the moon. The sun is the astrological representation of wholeness and one’s general selfhood (which is why we read our sun sign when we read our weekly horoscopes) while the moon represents the emotional self

While Halloween is a very external, outgoing holiday (“Look at me in my sparkly costume!”), it also asks us to look within towards our shadowy, mortal side. For many of us pagans, Halloween is Samhain: a sacred day to remember our beloved dead.

If you’re one of the three unlucky signs below, prepare yourself for extra trickery (and fewer treats) this October 31. Hope you didn’t make the list, witches!

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Aquarius, this Halloween is likely to be full of frustration. Scorpio season (during which Halloween falls) is troublesome for youyour sun sign squares Scorpio, a placement which will grate on you from late October through late November. Y

our sun sign also creates a quincunx angle to the Halloween moon in the sign of Virgo, which spells annoyances on an emotional level (meaning people will exhaust you). Although you Aquarians spend most of your time in the astral plane, make sure you feel grounded before going out this Halloween.


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Gemini, you’re in a similar situation to Aquarius. Halloween happens at a tricky time for you, with your natal sun at a quincunx angle to the sun in Scorpio. Expect feelings of confusion and unease during this usually laid-back celebration.

Additionally, your sun sign squares the moon in Virgo, which will leave you pissed-off at small, nit picky things. You might shed some tears over spilled milk or an accidental insult, so give yourself room to breathe and pack a Tide pen, babe.


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While your day might not be as frustrating as it will be for Aquarius or Gemini, your Halloween isn’t looking too hot, either. Your sign creates quincunx angles to both the sun AND the moon. This Halloween, you just might not feel like yourself. Which sucks!

But with a little effort (good company, your favorite music and some CBD or herbal tea will help), you’ll feel more at ease, whether you’re staying in watching horror classics or going out in your skimpiest get-up (both of which I support fully). 


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