Zodiac Signs Red Carpet Looks: The Met Gala Outfit That Exemplifies Your Zodiac Sign

Roya Backlund
Zodiac Signs Red Carpet Looks: The Met Gala Outfit That  Exemplifies Your Zodiac Sign
Photo: Image: Christopher Polk / PMC; AP Images; Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

On May 2, stars from all over the world congregated for the 2022 Met Gala Celebrating In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion, creating the perfect opportunity to apply zodiac signs to red carpet looks. With the endless array of stunning gowns and dapper suits (that may or may *not* have followed the “Gilded Glamour” theme), you can always rely on the Met Gala for a red carpet event that lingers in the imagination long after it’s over. If you’re still clicking through photos of celebrities and judging their sense of style, you’re definitely not alone, which is why it’s the perfect time to discuss which Met Gala 2022 celebrity red carpet look captures your zodiac sign’s essence.

No matter the topic, astrology always has a way of being relevant to the situation. After all, the 12 signs in the zodiac each have their own brand of energy and express their fashion sense in their own unique way. For example, if you’re an edgy and unapologetic Aries, you might be able to draw razor-sharp wings above your eyes in your sleep. If you’re a psychic and sensitive Cancer, you may love to dress like a mysterious witch, wearing hues of purple, blue and black. And, if you’re a rebellious and innovative Aquarius, you’re probably known for ignoring all the latest trends and doing you’re own damn thing!

If you’re wondering which red carpet look captures everything you stand for, here’s the 2022 Met Gala look that matches your zodiac sign:

Aries: Billie Eilish

STYLECASTER | Billie Eilish Met Gala Look

Image: Christopher Polk/PMC.

Billie’s sour-sweet ensemble captures the striking blend of cute and cutthroat that Aries is so famed for. With her spiky, jet-black up-do coupled with an elegant choker, she is the emblem of that goth look an Aries is always striving for. However, with her Victorian bodice and light green lace sleeves, she reveals the softer side of Aries; the side that’s just as innocent as it is intense.

Taurus: Cardi B

STYLECASTER | Cardi B Met Gala Look

Image: Christopher Polk/PMC.

When you look at Cardi B in this gilded dress, you can literally hear her song “Money” playing in your head. After all, this gown is dripping in heavy gold chains, shining emblems and eye-catching gems. Everyone knows how much a Taurus loves luxury and money and Cardi B’s ensemble will have you dreaming of an overflowing bank account and a treasure chest full of rare diamonds.

Gemini: Dove Cameron


STYLECASTER | Dove Cameron

Image: Christopher Polk/PMC.

Dove Cameron’s ethereal gown instantly brings the fickle and airy nature of a Gemini to mind. With strings of mylar criss-crossing around her and springing away from her, this ensemble definitely captures the bouncy and youthful energy that Gemini is so famed for. You can almost hear the sound of the evening breeze whistling through the fabric of her dress.

Cancer: Janelle Monae

STYLECASTER | Janelle Monae

Image: Christopher Polk/PMC.

Cancers are shy and sensitive creatures that love to remain in their beautiful little shells. After all, they are ruled by the crab. And when you see Janelle Monae wearing a dazzling gown that wraps around their head like a mystical cap, it instantly reminds you of the demure nature of a Cancer. And although they may be known to hide from the spotlight, Cancers attract attention no matter what, which explains the effortless way this outfit clicks together.

Leo: Lizzo


Image: Christopher Polk/PMC.

Leo is literally ruled by the sun, making it the zodiac sign that doesn’t need to demand attention in order to receive it. Lizzo walked the Met Gala red carpet looking like a queen in her regal black cape embellished with golden roses, radiating the power of the sun. Leo is also one of the most creative signs in the zodiac, which is shown in her accessory—a golden flute that she held onto as though it was sacred.

Virgo: Michelle Yeoh

STYLECASTER | Michelle Yeoh

Image: Christopher Polk/PMC.

Virgo is a zodiac sign that’s known for its cleanliness, grace and purity. Michelle Yeoh radiated the elegant simplicity of Virgo in this gown. Overflowing in a jade-green sustainable silk, the fabric of this gown instantly calls to mind the beauty of the natural world, which is something that Virgo—an earth sign—values dearly. The fabric looks as soft and vibrant as a budding leaf that’s just beginning to grow.

Libra: Blake Lively

STYLECASTER | Blake Lively

Image: Christopher Polk/PMC.

Ruled by Venus, Libra is known for its effortless, yet glamorous sense of style. And to say Blake Lively was turning heads at the 2022 Met Gala would be an understatement. With her long, flowing honey-blonde hair and her rose-gold gown that’s glittering with geometric patterns, Blake captures Libra’s energy to a T. Plus, Libra is known for being versatile, which is exemplified in the fact that this dress literally transforms into another dress!

Scorpio: Vanessa Hudgens

STYLECASTER | Vanessa Hudgens

Image: Christopher Polk/PMC.

Smoldering and mysterious Scorpio always knows something you don’t. In this lacy black gown, Vanessa Hudgens looks like she’s guarding countless secrets and she’s not going to give them away easily. Plus, Scorpio is also famed for its inherent sexiness, and the sheer quality of this dress that shows off her high-heeled legs *definitely* piques the imagination.

Sagittarius: Erykah Badu


Image: Christopher Polk/PMC.

The energy of Sagittarius is loud, spontaneous and wild. This fire sign is all about controlled chaos, which is totally captured in Erykah Badu’s Met Gala look. With a flowing suit covered in colorful patches and adorned with long strings of beads, Erykah’s outfit is something that could only be described as larger-than-life. Plus, Sagittarius is a funny, kind of silly zodiac sign, which is definitely seen in her two-foot tall top hat.

Capricorn: Kim Kardashian


STYLECASTER | Kim Kardashian

Image: Christopher Polk/PMC.

The beauty of Capricorn can be captured in one word: classic. Kim Kardashian literally wore Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” dress to the Met Gala, which is a nod to a fashion icon that left a permanent mark on the cultural lexicon of American fashion. This look also reveals the authoritative impact of a Capricorn, because this gem-encrusted nude gown makes Kim look like she was born to be on a red carpet.

Aquarius: Lily James


Image: Christopher Polk/PMC.

Aquarius is an air sign, but it’s probably the most intense air sign of them all. Instead of a gentle breeze, Aquarius is a thunderstorm, and Lily James looks like a shard of lightning arcing across a gloomy sky. In this dress, Lily truly looks like a child of Uranus, the planet that rules over Aquarius in modern astrology.

Pisces: Cara Delevingne

STYLECASTER | Cara Delevingne

Image: Christopher Polk/PMC.

Pisces is a spiritual and imaginative water sign that’s not of this world. In this ensemble, Cara is wearing nothing but the color gold and her own skin, which immediately calls the image of a siren or a mermaid to mind. After all, in the fairy realm, you don’t have to wear a traditional gown; you can wear an outfit that’s based on gilded butterflies and golden pasties.

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