The Most Psychic Zodiac Signs: These 3 Signs Can Sense Your B.S. From Miles Away

The Most Psychic Zodiac Signs: These 3 Signs Can Sense Your B.S. From Miles Away
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Have you ever known something to be true, but couldn’t rationally explain why or how? Friends or family may have questioned your thought pattern and behavior, but it turned out your gut reaction was right. You may just be one of the most psychic zodiac signs.

If you seek validation, allow me to step in and explain. Sometimes our feelings are more than just feelings—they are the superpowers that connect us to a divine, spiritual realm. More likely than not, your feelings have influenced your decision-making process and guided you on your life’s path. 

As human beings, we experience the world through our five senses—taste, smell, sound, touch and sight. However, some individuals have a sixth sense that can be referred to as a deep connection with their intuition, but really, it’s unexplainable in words. It’s a unique awareness of one’s self, others and the world that is based on an innate feeling. 

The good news is that all individuals possess some type of psychic ability. Seriously, even if you’re not seeing ghosts or having dreams that come true, it is possible to cultivate and develop a relationship with your intuition. One of the best ways to do so? Befriend one of these three signs and trust that their energy will slowly and surely integrate into your life, should that be your will. With an open mind and heart, anything is possible. 

There’s a reason these three signs make great friends and are exceptional at providing advice and seeing people for who they fully are (without judgment). While they are known for their fresh perspectives, they can lose themselves in what seems like a different realm. They tend to take on others’ emotions and drown themselves (along with whoever else is in their energetic or physical space) in their tsunami-like depth—metaphoric because the three psychics of the zodiac are our water signs.

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Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancers’ feelings shift as swiftly as the tides, which makes sense considering they’re ruled by the moon—the planet that governs the deepest parts of ourselves, feelings and needs. Cancers have a special ability to tap into other people’s feelings but tend to internalize them and struggle with what others may actually mean. That’s because their intuitive hits are always inviting them to read in between the lines and pick up on the words not said. 

They are extraordinarily compassionate people and genuinely want to know your heart. You can only bury or hide so much from a Cancer, their empathy and intuition will guide them to see you as you truly are, a liberating feeling known by those who have been loved by a Cancer.

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Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Oh Scorpios, how misunderstood you are, but then again you likely prefer that, don’t you? Full of mystic energy, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet associated with darkness and renewal. Though intimidating to some, Scorpios tend to be respected by all — they feel and experience everything, which you wouldn’t assume based on their cool-headedness.  

They know the darkest parts of themselves that others instinctively avoid. Because of this, Scorpios understand the true meaning of duality and have the special ability to see reality in all of its complex glory. Maybe it’s because of their own seemingly secretive identity, but Scorpios have a special radar that spots deceivers. It’s difficult for them to trust others because they know how dark people really are. They aren’t afraid of your shadow side. In fact, they won’t trust you based on your best parts when they intuitively know there is more of you that exists. 

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Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Thanks to their placement as the twelfth and last in the Zodiac, Pisces absorb the energies of all the preceding signs. After all, wisdom comes with age. These old souls’ are ruled by Neptune (the God of the Seas in Roman mythology), which represents creativity, dreams and imagination. The subconscious of a Pisces is mystical and dreamy, a reason why they are able to clearly witness many signs and messages. 

Their greatest strength is their ability to feel emotions that lay underneath the surface, empathize, and adapt accordingly (for better or worse). Their intuition allows them to connect with the past, present and future, especially in their vivid dreams. A friendly piece of advice for those with a Pisces in their life — be concerned when a Pisces no longer feels or dreams. It is their soul’s essence and birthright. 

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