The “Nightmare Before Christmas” Character That Matches Each Zodiac Sign

Roya Backlund
The “Nightmare Before Christmas” Character That Matches Each Zodiac Sign
Photo: © Buena Vista Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection.

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It truly doesn’t feel like Halloween until I watch the Pumpkin King try to takeover Christmas, which is why it’s time to talk about the zodiac sign that matches each character from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I thank Tim Burton everyday for creating this sweet and spooky universe that never gets old.

This groundbreaking stop-motion film was a revel when it was released in 1993 and it was even nominated for the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. And although it did not win, the fact that it continues to be rewatched every year is a testament to its staying power. Plus, as someone who was born and raised in Southern California, spooky season always coincides with the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland being decked out in Halloween Town decorations. It always lures you into paying for a ticket just to witness its Skellington flair in person.

Not only is this one of the greatest Halloween movies of all time, it also doubles as a Christmas movie! And to be quite honest, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of another movie that succeeds at a holiday crossover as well as The Nightmare Before Christmas. If that’s not a reason to keep marathoning this movie for the next few months, I don’t know what is! Without further ado, here’s The Nightmare Before Christmas character that matches each zodiac sign:

Zodiac Signs as Nightmare Before Christmas Characters

Nightmare Before Christmas Barrel

Photo: Disney.

Aries: You’re Barrel

The most adorable and ghoulish member of Halloween Town’s trio of trick or treaters would have to be an Aries. While Lock & Shock are constantly bickering and fighting for control, Barrel is just here to have a good time! With a face that’s always plastered with a creepy ear-to-ear smile, Barrel might look sweet and innocent, but he’s truly a gremlin at heart. After all, Aries is the baby of the zodiac. He’s the first one to slingshot little rocks at the Mayor and he’s childishly mischievous, just like an Aries. Make sure he’s not crossing his fingers while making a promise!

Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Man

Photo: Disney/Courtesy Everett Collection.

Taurus: You’re Oogie Boogie

Surprised that stable and beautiful Taurus can also be the Oogie Boogie man? You shouldn’t be! The shadow side of Taurus is all about greed and gluttony, which this green bag of bugs captures to a T. He’s also a planner, as he was setting the stage to defeat Jack and usurp his throne from the very beginning. Taurus knows how to play the long game! In fact, they love making a gamble when there’s a big pay day involved, and Oogie Boogie loves rolling the die and seeing where it lands. His whole presence reminds you of a Las Vegas slot machine, which is so Taurus of him. Plus, if Jack is a Scorpio, it would only make sense that his nemesis would be his opposite sign—a Taurus!

Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor

Photo: Disney.

Gemini: You’re the Mayor

Everyone knows that Geminis are famous for being clever and “two-faced”, and the Mayor of Halloween Town takes that sentiment literally. His facial expression is constantly switching between over-the-top excitement and brooding despair, sometimes with only a moment’s notice! You never know which side of a Gemini’s dual personality you’re gonna get. And like any other Gemini who desperately needs to take a chill pill, the Mayor’s emotional ups and downs guide the way he governs the local politics of Halloween Town.

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally

Photo: Disney.

Cancer: You’re Sally

Sally is the heart and soul of the entire movie, as her compassionate empathy is the one thing that keeps Jack Skellington—her Scorpio Pumpkin King—grounded. She’s the only character in the movie who’s really in touch with their emotions (and she’s technically a rag doll). What Cancer hasn’t pined over someone who has their heads in the clouds? What Cancer hasn’t sung a sad song about loving someone who doesn’t know you love them? Let’s not forget that Cancers are also cardinal signs and ruled by the hard-shelled crab, which explains why Sally is constantly subverting her creator (the demanding Dr. Finkelstein) and scurrying away at the first sign of freedom.

Nightmare Before Christmas Lock

Photo: Disney.

Leo: You’re Shock

Shock is a young trick or treater who’s dressed as a witch and always ready to do some black magic! She’s probably the bossiest of the trio, which speaks to her Leo superiority. She’s bickering with the demonic Lock—her Aquarius opposite—and trying to gain leadership over the group. She knows she would do a better job, because she literally says “I wish my cohorts weren’t so dumb” at one point. Her sassy presence screams Leo, because while she might be a little girl, she does not look like someone you wanna mess with!

Nightmare Before Christmas Dr. Finkelstein.

Photo: Disney.

Virgo: You’re Dr. Finkelstein

Dr. Finkelstein may be demanding, grouchy and surly, but he sure is a genius. He literally turned Sally from a lifeless rag doll into a living being, which speaks to his status as a mad scientist. And of all the signs in the zodiac, no one gives off “mad scientist” vibes more than a Virgo. An homage to the time-honored character of Frankenstein, he’s inspired by the idea of creating his own ideal creature. After all, every Virgo loves having a “project”! He’s also highly observant, as he could instantly smell the “frogs breath” that Sally had put in his soup to mask the sleeping aid.

Nightmare Before Christmas Witches

Photo: Disney.

Libra: You’re the Witches

Libra season takes place during October, the witchiest month of them all. These witches are often the loudest Halloween Town residents, which makes sense, as Libras are very passionate about diplomacy. This pair of mystical characters are always showing up to town hall meetings and making a fuss about something. However, they’re also famous for their potions and alchemy, as Jack Skellington relies on the Big Witch to turn his Pumpkin King costume into a flaming star. Let’s not forget that Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of fashion and beauty, which is why they’re often known for being designers!

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington

Disney/Courtesy Everett Collection.

Scorpio: You’re Jack Skellington

How could the Pumpkin King *not* be a Scorpio? In Halloween Town, it’s Scorpio season all year round! Besides the obvious fact that the spookiest holiday of all is inherently associated with this dark and mysterious zodiac sign, let’s talk about why Jack’s personality is very Scorpio on its own. Obsessed with achieving groundbreaking success, Jack’s identity crisis prompts him to literally become Santa Clause. Being the zodiac sign of transformation, every Scorpio is familiar with this process of rebranding. However, let’s not forget Scorpios are also fixed signs, which means they always retain the core of who they are. Hence, Jack’s Santa Clause wound up being an ill-fated Sandy Claws and he returned to what he knows best—being the ruler of darkness!

Nightmare Before Christmas Clown

Photo: Disney.

Sagittarius: You’re the Clown

Because Sagittarius is ruled by happy and larger-than-life Jupiter, it only makes sense that the unicycle riding clown would be a Sagittarius. And while this clown may appear jolly, his “tear-away face” makes it clear that there’s something sinister about him. If Sagittarius were a monster, they would absolutely be a clown, as their constant over-the-top “positivity” can eventually come across as demented if its coming on too strong. What shoves “joy” and “happiness” into your face harder than a freaking clown? All I’m saying is there’s a reason why coulrophobia exists!

Nightmare Before Christmas Santa

Photo: Disney.

Capricorn: You’re Sandy Claws

It’s always Capricorn season when Christmas takes place, which makes “Sandy Claws” an obvious choice for the zodiac sign of tradition and staying power! And while Sandy may be portrayed as a non-scary character, let’s talk about how his Capricorn qualities can make him quite formidable. Judging every kid by labeling them as either “nice” or “naughty”? Making a bunch of elves do all the work while you only work one day out of the entire year? Sounds like some Capricorn nonsense to me! However, Capricorns always get the job done right, which is why Jack just could not measure up to the holiday standards.

Nightmare Before Christmas Lock

Photo: Disney.

Aquarius: You’re Lock

The devilish side grin on Lock’s face always reminds me of an Aquarius. This quirky and eccentric zodiac sign always has an evil masterplan! They love appearing “edgy”, which makes Lock’s costume choice all the more appropriate for this provocative zodiac sign. And while Lock may allow Shock to think she’s the leader, he knows he’s the one pulling all the strings and setting all the trends. Aquarius love to be in charge, and even though they often take over control, they’d much rather convince you that it was your idea to elect them as leader in the first place.

Nightmare Before Christmas Zero

Photo: Disney.

Pisces: You’re Zero

Pisces *is* the spirit realm. Zero is both non-corporeal and endlessly dedicated to his bestie, Jack, which is so Pisces of him. He’s with Jack literally all the time, because he’s a ghost and he can be! In astrology, Pisces is associated with unconditional love and “oneness with the universe” which not only explains his constant presence at Jack’s side, but his ability to float through realms. His cascading form and glowing red nose are both an adorable touch, as the Pisces aesthetic is famous for being mystical, free-flowing and hypnotic.

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