These Zodiac Signs Are The Most Loyal, So Add Them To Your Friend Group ASAP

Brenna Lilly
These Zodiac Signs Are The Most Loyal, So Add Them To Your Friend Group ASAP
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Loyalty is invaluable—heck, even lone wolves need a support system. When you’re riding solo in the world and need someone to help you out, who’s going to be there for you? A best friend who has your back is essential! With that in mind, there are three specific zodiac signs that are definitely considered to be the most loyal; and they’ll probably surprise you.

Ride-or-dies are hard to come by, especially if you work in a high-stress environment where competition is essential for success. People have their own agendas—everyone wants what they want, right? That can fly at work, but in terms of friendship, loyalty is a quality you should always seek out. 

Not to be negative, but a few signs that jump out to me when I think of disloyalty are Libras (with their constant cravings for pleasure), Sagittarians (always bouncing from one social circle to another and getting bored easily), and Gemini (who talk a big game but hit the road when things get hard). Sorry not sorry! Thats not to say all Libras, Sags and Gems are bad, but be on the lookout for people with these signs that may not have your best interests in mind. 

Maybe it’s just my Scorpio rising talking, but disloyalty is frustratingly common. That’s why it’s particularly special when someone comes along and cares about you and dedicates themselves to being your friend (or more than a friend, wink wink).

If you’re astro-savvy, you’ll notice that each of the super-loyal star signs I’ve chosen are fixed. When a sign is “fixed,” it indicates that they’re steadfast, reliable and stubborn in nature. While “fixed-ness” can be frustrating when you’re trying to argue, fixed signs are also exceptionally dedicated and make some of the best friends, partners and colleagues.

Bottom line? Keep these people in your circle—these are the most loyal signs in the zodiac.

STYLECASTER | Taurus Zodiac Sign

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Taurus folks sustain themselves on good times and love being surrounded by yummy food, strong drinks and people they vibe with. If you annoy a Taurus, trust meyou won’t last in their friend circle for long. No wonder Taurus is the chillest sign in the zodiac! Even though they’re the earthiest of the earth signs, Tauruses still need strong people around them to help them stay grounded. Because of this, they make steadfast partners and lovers. I’m talking that doesn’t-care-about-your-crazy-family kinda love. Swoon.


STYLECASTER | Leo Zodiac Sign

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Though they have a reputation for being social and flirtatious (they’re the party girls of the zodiac, after all), Leos are loyal because they’re firm about their opinions. When they meet someone they vibe with, they stick around for the long haul. Leo’s fixed nature combined with their fiery affinity means they aren’t willing to let people go easilythey’ll fight for you as long as you fight for them. Leos may be feistier than Taurus folks, but they’re just as dedicated to their relationships.


STYLECASTER | Scorpio Zodiac Sign

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Scorpioour fixed water signdefines ride-or-die energy. They’ve searched the depths of their own souls and experienced such extreme emotional highs and lows, they don’t have time to bother with fleeting connections! A little dramatic, but we love you for it, Scorpio. They’re also very guarded and don’t let people in easily (Drake’s a Scorpno new friends!) but once you’ve proven that you’re worthy of entering their inner circle, they’ve got your back for life.

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