Calling All Drama Queens! These Zodiac Signs Are The Most Dramatic

Brenna Lilly
Calling All Drama Queens! These Zodiac Signs Are The Most Dramatic
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Drama is such a divisive topic, but some signs relish in it. In particular, it’s not hard for these three signs to grab attention, in all the right ways (as big personalities who use their charisma for good causes) and all the wrong ones (as jerks who destabilize entire friend groups with unnecessary conflict). Out of the entire zodiac, these three signs are the most dramaticand I’ll bet money you can guess at least one of them.

Personally, I love a bit of drama. Not the cliche, “I’m hooking up with your ex” kind of drama—that’s a hard pass from me. No good comes from starting shit just for kicks. When I say I like drama, I’m talking about theatrics and romanticism. A constructive air of drama can turn a routine trip to the grocery store into a romantic couple’s adventure, a cramped apartment into a divine dinner party destination, a simple outfit into a look. You know what I mean?

These three zodiac signs are dramatic in both the good ways and the bad ways. It all depends on whether or not these signs are feeling empowered or disempowered. When we feel empowered, we can live up to our full potential. When we are disempowered, we often make selfish, destructive choices that can damage our relationships and reputations. 

To bring out the best in the three very dramatic signs below, I’ve added a little sprinkle of ~advice~ to help you along. While I’m not a therapist, I do have experience with each of these signs in their many facets.

To the three biggest divas in the zodiac—I adore you. Don’t hate me, OK?

STYLECASTER | Leo Zodiac Sign

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Leo is undoubtedly the most dramatic zodiac sign and I don’t think anyone will fight me on this. Leos have personalities that fill entire rooms, so they love having all eyes on them. Even if you’re not prone to socializing (which, let’s face it, most Leos are) it’s likely that you draw attention through your fashion, personality or overall lifestyle.

Sometimes, if you’re not feeling in your power, you might sow social discord to get people looking your way. Bring your radiant confidence inward and focus on your own well-being instead of wondering what other people think of you.


STYLECASTER | Scorpio Zodiac Sign

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Scorpios have a pretty bad reputation. Yes, some Scorpios can be shady and aggressive, but most of you are kind, well-adjusted people. Sort of. The stereotype that is true, however, is that Scorpios are ridiculously dramatic. I’m talking drinking-expensive-red-wine-and-smoking-cigarettes-just-to-look-cool dramatic.

Scorpios are a water sign, so it’s in their nature to have deep emotions (which often yield plentiful, adventurous sexual relationships). But they often act dramatically just to feel more, which isn’t healthy. Throw out the American Spirits and remember, Scorpio: There’s nothing wrong with living a low-key life!


STYLECASTER | Pisces Zodiac Sign

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Pisces, you’re just as dramatic as Scorpio. You’re one of their water sign siblings, so you have some of the strongest emotions in the zodiac. People often write you off as meek and soft, but in reality, you’re wild. Your feelings change at the drop of a hat and you play victim when you’re feeling disempowered (even if you’re at fault).

Look at your actions with radical honesty and channel earth-sign energy to bring you back to center. Virgo is your opposite (remember, zodiac opposites attract) so celebrate a Virgo new/full moon or spend time with your favorite Virgo to chill TF out.


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