The “Halloweentown” Character You Are, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Roya Backlund
The “Halloweentown” Character You Are, According to Your Zodiac Sign
Photo: Image: Disney; Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

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The month of October has a way of making you feel nostalgic for a different time. And even though you may no longer be trick-or-treating, who doesn’t love reconnecting with their inner child and rewatching their fave spooky flicks? Let’s talk about the zodiac sign that matches each Halloweentown character, because this 1998 Disney Channel original movie never fails to capture the spirit of October 31st.

One of my favorite ways to celebrate this time of year is by watching movies that I associate with Halloween. I watch everything ranging from Disney’s Hocus Pocus to Robert Eggers’ The VVitch. But one movie that always makes it way back onto the Halloween movie lineup is Halloweentown. And although the subsequent sequels keep the magic of this mystical realm alive, nothing measures up to the first installment! Between the rebellious spark of Marnie Piper and the warm magic of Debbie Reynolds as the legendary Aggie Cromwell, Halloweentown has earned its place as an essential spooky season classic.

Not only does this movie also capture the colorful and youthful vibe of 1990’s television, it provide a level of satisfaction that’s hard to come by. The campy quality of the costumes and set design make it terribly perfect for someone craving a bit of Halloween in their life.

Here’s the Halloweentown character that matches your zodiac sign, because it also contains cast that’s ghostly, ghoulish *and* glamorous:

The Halloweentown Character That Matches Your Zodiac Sign

Wolfie Halloweentown

Photo: Disney.

Aries: You’re Wolfie

Woflie’s sassie and fierce presence makes him highly enthusiastic about his clients, capturing exactly how an Aries is always hyping you up. Plus, he’s a professional barber, and Mars—Aries’ ruling planet—happens to govern scissors, razors and knives. Aries is also know for being hasty and impulsive, which is why he was ready to pounce on the Piper kids for shaving his hair. However, the fact that he instantly realizes they may have accidentally given him a super edgy haircut is so Aries of him. Yeah baby!

Halloweentown II Gort

Photo: Disney.

Taurus: You’re Gort

One thing’s for sure—Gort loves his belongings. In fact, he has so many of them that they clutter every corner of his Halloweentown cottage! Taurus can relate, as money and material things matter dearly to this Venus-ruled earth sign. This troll places all his value on the beauty of owning objects, as having many items in his possession gives him a sense of comfort. How Taurus is that?

Halloweentown Two-Headed Ticket Person

Photo: Disney.

Gemini: You’re the Two-Headed Person

Everyone knows there’s always two sides to a Gemini’s personality. Look no further than the two-headed ticket person, because they’re constantly arguing with themselves! In astrology, Gemini is symbolically tied to the “twins” and ruled by messenger planet Mercury. Halloweentown’s resident two-headed person captures what it means to be a Gemini with an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.

Aggie Cromwell Halloweentown

Photo: Disney.

Cancer: You’re Aggie Cromwell

Who doesn’t secretly wish Aggie Cromwell was their grandmother? Her motherly and compassionate vibe is so strong that she must be a Cancer. Ruled by the nurturing and mystical moon, there’s always something witchy about Cancer, as this zodiac sign always has a kitchen filled with powerful herbs and rare ingredients. However, let’s not forget Aggie is also determined, courageous and highly protective, which are all qualities that shine through this highly maternal water sign.

Halloweentown II Kal

Photo: Disney.

Leo: You’re Kal

Kal represents the dark side of Leo, so don’t take this personally if you happen to be one! However, no one can deny that Leos love to be the brightest personality in the room. And if a Leo takes that sentiment too far, they may wind up like Kal, who sapped the color out of Halloweentown and turned everyone but himself into creatures from a boring black and white world. Come on, Kal. You may be ruled by the sun, but that doesn’t mean you’re the center of *this* universe!

Dylan Piper Halloweentown

Photo: Disney.

Virgo: You’re Dylan Piper

Dylan Piper screams Virgo. There’s really no other way to put it! Dylan is the first person to question something, searching for logic and proof in a world in which nothing makes sense. Just because he fantasizes about Cleveland and encourages his sister to celebrate Arbor Day instead of Halloween doesn’t mean he doesn’t bring his own magic to the table. Without his clever and cautious mind, the Piper clan would overlook every single red flag!

Halloweentown Luke

Photo: Disney.

Libra: You’re Luke

Luke’s journey is all about learning to love himself for who he is. And like every Libra, he just wants to be beautiful enough to be loved! He literally transformed himself into a human just so he could attract the eye of Marnie Piper, the new witch in Halloweentown. However, everyone knows he looks *so* much cooler when he’s embodying his true goblin form!

Gwen Piper Halloweentown

Photo: Disney.

Scorpio: You’re Gwen Piper

When Gwen sets her mind on something, she makes a commitment for the long-haul. She’s also somewhat unforgiving and controlling, which are both Scorpio qualities (especially when they have a sensitive heart). Even though her desire for her children to live a “normal” life outside of Halloweentown may be somewhat domineering, it’s only because she cares about them and wants to protect them from the dangers of that world. Like any Scorpio, she can still access her deep-seated powers whenever she wants, no matter how much she has tried to suppress them.

Benny Halloweentown

Photo: Disney.

Sagittarius: You’re Benny

Halloweentown’s resident wise guy has to be Benny, the skeletal taxi driver who always has something snarky to say. Could he be anything other than an adventure-seeking Sagittarius? Not only does he represent one of the main modes of transportation in Halloweentown, he always takes his passengers along for a wild ride. Once you’ve entered his car, who knows what he’ll say (or where you’ll end up).

Kalabar Halloweentown

Photo: Disney.

Capricorn: You’re Kalabar

Kalabar is what happens when a Capricorn gets a taste of power and likes it a little *too* much. Because they’re so hardworking and determined, it’s not uncommon for Capricorns to end up in positions of authority. They work hard and eventually, they make it to the top! Well, Kalabar has already made it to the top of Halloweentown, but that’s not enough for this hard-core Capricorn. He wants to rule over the mortal world too!

Marnie Piper Halloweentown

Photo: Disney.

Aquarius: You’re Marnie Piper

Like any Aquarius, Marnie just wants to feel like she belongs somewhere; like she’s a part of something larger than herself. Living in the mortal world made her feel like an outcast, which is a sentiment every Aquarius feels familiar with. They often feel strange and unusual, as though they need to find their people! Marnie fits right in with the weird and wacky characters of Halloweentown and her community-oriented nature makes her an Aquarius through and through.

Sophie Piper Halloweenown

Photo: Disney.

Pisces: You’re Sophie Piper

People always underestimate the Pisces, which is something Sophie Piper can relate to. She may be the youngest of the Piper siblings, but she’s also, in many ways, the smartest. She was the only one who could remember the Cromwell chant that activates their magic powers. Witchcraft comes so naturally to Sophie, because those born under Pisces are always naturally attuned to the spirit world. Sophie is also the character with the highest level of empathy, which tracks for a Pisces.

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