The “Gilmore Girls” Character You Are, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Roya Backlund
The “Gilmore Girls” Character You Are, According to Your Zodiac Sign
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As soon as leaves turn orange and the crisp cold of autumn begins setting in, you know it’s time to start marathoning Gilmore Girls for months on end. Nothing captures the cozy feeling of fall quite like brewing yourself a cup of coffee and spending time in city that we all wish was real—Stars Hollow. Between the comfort of early 2000’s nostalgia and a cast of characters that felt real to every millennial who grew up watching them, what’s not to love? Let’s discuss the Gilmore Girls character that matches each zodiac sign, because it will add a new layer of depth to your understanding of the show and sprinkle some magic into your viewing experience.

Every time I watch the Gilmore Girls, I discover something new about it. Because I’m often lulled to sleep by its fast-paced dialogue before bed at night, it’s not uncommon for me to stumble upon a clever moment that I had forgotten or a clever quip I hadn’t noticed before. Because it’s currently hot girl autumn, I know I’m definitely not the only person who’s already a few seasons deep into my current rewatch. Even though we’ve all seen this show hundreds of time, the vibe of Stars Hollow never fails to bring me back to a place of comfort and safety. After all, it seems to capture exactly how life should be, presenting us with a cozy fall fantasy that’s straight out of a flannel-patterned dream.

Gilmore Girls, Rory and Lorelai Gilmore

Photo: Warner Bros Television. Courtesy of Everett Collection.

If you’re struggling to get into the spirit of the season, nothing will have you dreaming of pumpkins and hot beverages faster than Gilmore Girls. And if you haven’t seen this iconic CW show before, run—don’t walk—to your closest device and start streaming it on Netflix now. Because the people of Chilton, Yale and Stars Hollow seem far from fictional, let’s talk about the Gilmore Girls character you are, according to your zodiac sign:

The Gilmore Girls Character That Matches Your Zodiac Sign

Paris Gellar Gilmore Girls

Photo: Warner Bros Television.

Aries: You’re Paris Gellar

Being the highly driven and competitive overachiever that she is, Paris could be nothing other than an Aries. She says exactly whats on her mind and her brutal honesty proves she always trusts her impulses. She’s also incredibly concerned about becoming the best possible version of herself, setting a standard of perfection that’s nearly impossible to attain. She is the personification of a type-A personality, but there’s a wild side to her that radiates fire sign energy. Make no mistake—she’s probably the most passionate person on the show. She often has a chip on her shoulder because she feels like she’s the only one who cares.

Lorelai Gilmore Girls

Photo: Warner Bros Television.

Taurus: You’re Lorelai Gilmore

Lorelai could literally be the spokesperson for Taurus people everywhere. She subsists on nothing but junk food and coffee, but somehow manages to be effortlessly gorgeous anyway. How could this lady not be ruled by Venus? She’s also incredibly stubborn and set in her ways, making her someone who has a *very* hard time embracing change, which is Taurus to a T. It’s one of the main reasons she has so much trouble letting go of her independence. She’s not a fan of relying on anyone but herself. And yet, her loyalty to her loved ones is never in question. Lorelai must have some Gemini in her chart too! After all, Gilmore Girls would be nothing without Lorelai’s witticisms.

Lane Kim Gilmore Girls

Photo: Warner Bros Television.

Gemini: You’re Lane Kim

If there’s one person who knows a little bit about everything, it’s Lane Kim. And by everything, I mean music. This virtuoso nerd brings a spark of intellectual brilliance to Stars Hollow. She also manages to keep up with her many artistic interests by subverting her strict mother’s expectations with incredibly detailed lies. Instead of rebelling against her mother directly, she does it in secret! Like any Gemini, Lane just wants to keep everyone happy, which is why she’s famous for mirroring people’s personality and becoming the person they want her to be. It’s just an act, because deep down, Lane is one of the most unique people on the show. She’s also famous for her negative thought spirals, which is something every Gemini is familiar with.

Emily Gilmore Girls

Photo: Warner Bros. Television.

Cancer: You’re Emily Gilmore

Although she may be tough as nails, defensive and highly protective, Emily Gilmore is just a softie with big plans for her family. She radiates the Cancerian quality of being strong and vulnerable at the same time. She’s passionate and idealistic, taking her position as matriarch of the Gilmore clan very seriously, although her daughter, Lorelai, would argue that she takes it a little *too* seriously. In exchange for loaning Lorelai the money to pay for her granddaughter Rory’s private school tuition, she demands the entire family get together for a home-cooked dinner every single Friday evening, no exceptions. This agreement is ironclad, as she made clear that it can only be missed in times of sickness or emergency. How Cancer is that?

Sookie St. James Gilmore Girls

Photo: Warner Bros Television.

Leo: You’re Sookie St. James

No one is more passionate about their craft than Sookie St. James and her infectious enthusiasm for being the greatest chef in the world could only make her a Leo. It makes sense, considering that Melissa McCarthy is also a Leo! When she’s in her element and brewing something in her kitchen, she becomes an artist. She hates it when clients and employers try to change her recipes, because she knows she’s a culinary mastermind and her choices should be respected. However, because Leo’s have a tendency to become a bit overzealous, she has a tendency to be accident prone at work, especially when her taste buds are feeling inspired.

Michel Gerard Gilmore Girls

Photo: Warner Bros Television.

Virgo: You’re Michel Gerard

Virgo is often viewed as the most sassy and sarcastic zodiac sign of them all, making it clear that innkeeper Michel Gerard is a Virgo through and through. He’s famous for his biting remarks that are always dripping in sarcasm, which is something every Virgo can do from the moment of birth. He’s dedicated to his daily routine and his strange and strict diet, because he’ll even count the number of blueberries in his pancakes before eating it. Because Virgos are famous for being highly organized, analytical and perfectionist, Michel constantly tells people at the inn that he wants his suits to be deducted from the company budget in order to cut costs. He’s also known for being anxious, which is the standard state of being for many Virgos!

Rory Gilmore Girls

Photo: Warner Bros Television.

Libra: You’re Rory Gilmore

Libras are known for being popular, clever and charming, but Rory exudes a different side of the Libra personality. Instead of being an extravert, she satisfies her social needs through her obsession with reading. Libra’s are also famous for their commitment to diplomacy and justice, which is one reason why becoming a groundbreaking journalist is so important to her. Christiane Amanpour is literally her idol, which is so Libra of her. Like any Libra, Rory is equally as interested in falling in love as she is terrified of it. A central theme of Rory’s relationships is thinking the grass is greener on the other side, as she has a tendency to want someone she can’t have. She’s also a quintessential peacekeeper, which is a role every Libra plays. She’s constantly stuck in the middle of conflict between her mother and her grandparents.

Luke Danes Gilmore Girls

Photo: Warner Bros Television.

Scorpio: You’re Luke Danes

Luke is private, guarded and firmly planted where he stands. He’s easily annoyed and finds town events exhausting, furthering his status as the biggest Scorpio of all time. While Luke may have mastered the “resting b*tch face” that Scorpio is so infamous for, Luke is incredibly compassionate, loyal and dependable, hence his decision to be guardian to his angsty teenager nephew, Jess. Everyone knows that if a Scorpio has your back, they’ll be your ride or die for life. His moral compass is always pointed in the right direction, hence his Scorpio intuition. However, this fixed water sign doesn’t know how to let things go, which is why he’s still committed to running his dad’s diner. And even though he complains about Stars Hollow constantly, he has no interest in leaving his hometown. It’s also why it took him years to get over his ex-fiancée, Rachel.

Girlmore Girls Kirk Gleason

Photo: Warner Bros Television.

Sagittarius: You’re Kirk Gleason

While Kirk Gleason is the very definition of a jack of all trades, he is the master of one thing—being a Sagittarius. His whole personality is based on the fact that he jumps from job to job and can’t decide what he wants to do with his life. However, this also makes him an adventurer at heart and a student of life, which is very Sagittarius of him. He’s larger-than-life and he’s not afraid of being a bit “extra”, which is why his emotional and creative spirit shines through his every move. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, a planet that makes things bigger and bolder. Whenever Kirk Gleason fills the screen, you can expect to something ridiculous to happen.

Richard Gilmore Girls

Photo: Warner Bros Television.

Capricorn: You’re Richard Gilmore

Where do I start? Richard Gilmore is a man of tradition and legacy, as he takes incredible pride in being a Yale alumnus and a self-made man. He’s also fiercely determined and a provider to his core, because when Richard Gilmore sets his mind on something, nothing can stand in his way. He’s also a pillar of support for the Gilmore family, as his eloquent, courteous and disciplined nature makes him someone everyone can lean on. He’s also a no-nonsense man who has set high expectations for himself and those around him. Like a Capricorn, Richard is not afraid to be honest or direct, especially when he cares about someone.

Jess Mariano Gilmore Girls

Photo: Warner Bros Television.

Aquarius: You’re Jess Mariano

If you’re an Aquarius, there’s probably a part of you that feels like you don’t mesh with the rest of society. Enter: Jess Mariano. As soon as Luke’s brooding and mysterious nephew moved into down, his status a bit of a rebel and an outcast was made clear. And because Jess feels like he doesn’t fit in, he has an instinct to disappear at the drop of a hat, reinforcing the Aquarius instinct to ghost people at the first sign of conflict. In his mind, maintaining distance from others keeps him safe. However, let’s not forget Jess is also incredibly intelligent and intellectually gifted, as he has always expressed an interest in art and literature. The fact that he eventually becomes an author is a full-circle moment of them, as Aquarius is always on the outskirts, observing everyone from the outside-in.

Dean Forester Gilmore Girls

Photo: Warner Bros Television.

Pisces: You’re Dean Forester

Dean Forester is the most Pisces boyfriend that ever lived. He’s shy, sweet, sensitive and all he really wants is to be loved. That sounds pretty Pisces to me. Because this sappy water sign has a tendency to lean on fantasies and wear rose-colored glasses, it makes sense that he’s always been in love with Rory. The moment we saw him crying over Rory at Luke’s house right before his wedding to Lindsay, his fate was sealed—this man is definitely a Pisces. He romanticizes the idea of getting married and being a husband, but it’s clear he wasn’t aware of the responsibilities involved. And because Rory has always remained just out of reach, it makes this Pisces want her all the more.

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