The Accessory You Need For Festival Season, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Roya Backlund
The Accessory You Need For Festival Season, According To Your Zodiac Sign
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Aside from dancing to your favorite bands and partying it up with your besties, you know the best part of going to a festival is planning the perfect outfit. And if you’re in need of some inspiration, check out the accessory you need for festival season, according to your zodiac sign. After all, astrology can say so much about who you are as an individual and what defines you. It can reveal your sense of style, your personal flare and the way you express yourself!

The moment you set foot into a festival, you let go of real world pressures and liberate yourself from the stress and anxiety of your day-to-day life. Attending a festival is like entering an alternate universe full of love, magic and creativity. When you’re basking under neon lights and immersing yourself in a musical explosion, you can be whoever you want! And the outfit you wear to a festival is not just any old outfit, but a symbol of your artistic expression and your overall aesthetic. There’s no better feeling than receiving compliments from a fellow festival attendee, so give them something to obsess over! Your festival outfit needs something that makes you stand out; something that lingers in people’s imagination and inspires them in their own quest for fashion. And without a powerful and unique statement piece, your outfit *might* fall flat.

Since I’m an astrologer and a music festival enthusiast, I’ve combed through the internet to find the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble and I’ve done it all with your zodiac sign in mind. Allow this accessory to complete your look like a bright red cherry on top:


Etsy Flame Heart Earrings

Photo: VANESARTshop. Flame Heart Earrings. Etsy.

VANESART Shop: Flame Heart Earrings

You’re bold, passionate and never afraid to cause a scene, Aries. When you’re at a festival, you probably charge right to the front of the stage, and if someone super tall is blocking your view, you find a way around them! With these red-hot Flame Heart Earrings from VANESART Shop, you can let everyone know that you mean business. However, let’s not forget these flames are heart-shaped, which is a testament to the soft and sweet side of your personality.



Photo: StoneMirageJewelry. Opal Choker. Etsy.

Stone Mirage Jewelry: Opal Choker

You’re sensual, beautiful and you were born with an excellent taste in fashion, Taurus. The body part that Taurus rules over in astrology happens to be the neck, meaning that wearing a gorgeous choker will activate your super powers! This Opal Double Chain Choker by Stone Mirage Jewelry hangs over the neck with delicacy and grace. And with a mystical and iridescent opal bursting at the center, you’re lighting up the festival no matter what stage you’re at.


Photo: Geyoga. 3 Pairs Lace Gloves. Amazon.

Photo: Geyoga. 3 Pairs Lace Gloves. Amazon.

Geyoga: 3 Pairs Lace Gloves

If you wear a pair of these Lace Gloves by Geyoga to a festival, I guarantee that dozens of people will flock to you with endless compliments. Not only is it edgy and unexpected, which matches your innovative Gemini spirit, it also aligns with the body part your zodiac sign rules over in astrology—the hands. You’re probably famous for your hand gestures that arise whenever you’re talking about something fascinating! These gloves will only add to the experience of listening to you talk.


Photo: Nasty Gal. Faux Fur Bucket Hat.

Photo: Nasty Gal. Faux Fur Bucket Hat.

Nasty Gal: Faux Fur Bucket Hat

As much as you love music, art and people, you know you’re secretly wishing you could go home whenever you’re at a festival. And you know what? That’s OK! You’re a sensitive and nurturing Cancer and you love the safety of your crab shell. However, with this Faux Fur Bucket Hat by Nasty Gal, you might just feel cozy enough to stay for every last performance. Plus, this hat is is a bright and bold pink (which matches the color of your heart).


Nasty Gal: Raw Crystal Headband

Photo: Nasty Gal. Raw Crystal Headband.

Nasty Gal: Raw Crystal Headband

You’re a diva and you know it, Leo. Festival season is your time to shine, because you’re *literally* ruled by the sun! Wear this Raw Crystal Headband by Nasty Gal to a festival and let everyone know that you’re royalty. You’re always in the mood to adorn yourself with enough embellishments to make you feel like the most precious gem in the world. With this headband, you might even wish you were getting up on stage!


Photo: ArsimusCreations. White PU LED Light Up Backpack. Etsy.

Photo: ArsimusCreations. White PU LED Light Up Backpack. Etsy.

Arsimus Creations: White LED Light Up Backpack

You’re the most resourceful zodiac sign of them all, Virgo, and you’d never attend a festival without being adequately prepared! However, just because you want to make sure you have all the supplies you need doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style. This White LED Light Up Backpack by Arsimus Creations will bring an even stronger sparkle to the festival experience, all while holding onto your belongings. Plus, the material is clear, which means you won’t get lectured by security on your way in.


wildandfreejewelry butterfly hairclips

Photo: wildandfreejewelry. Sky Monarch Butterfly Hair Clips. Etsy.

Wild & Free Jewelry: Sky Monarch Butterfly Hair Clips

You’re a balanced and harmonious air sign, Libra. You love connecting with others, going with the flow and adding to the beauty of the festival experience. That’s why these Sky Monarch Butterfly Hair Clips by Wild & Free Jewelry are the *perfect* centerpiece for your festival ensemble, because they capture your light and airy personality. Plus, from far away, it’ll look like a flock of butterflies have landed upon you, emphasizing how attractive your energy is!


MaryStudioDesignsUS. LED light-up color changing mask. Etsy.

MaryStudioDesignsUS. LED Color Changing Mask. Etsy.

Mary Studio Designs: LED Color Changing Mask

Even though attending a festival requires you to socialize and immerse yourself in a crowd, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your need for secrecy, Scorpio. These LED Color Changing Masks by Mary Studio Designs are not only pleasing to the eye, but they will allow you to be anonymous for a little while! Plus, it also protects your lungs from the dust that tends to get kicked up at festivals (and any other viruses that might be lingering in the air).


Asooll: Black Crystal Woven Skirt. Amazon.

Photo: Asooll: Black Crystal Woven Skirt. Amazon.

Asooll: Black Crystal Woven Skirt

You’re an adventurer at heart, Sagittarius; a person that cannot be tamed. You thrive in a festival environment, as it allows you to completely let loose and spread your fire wherever you go. With this Black Crystal Woven Skirt by Asooll , you’ll glimmer and sparkle as you twirl from stage to stage like a fairy from another realm. Wear it over a bikini if you’re feeling frisky or wear it over a gorgeous mini dress. The choice is always yours, Sagittarius!


Photo: Nasty Gal. Diamante Head Chain.

Photo: Nasty Gal. Diamante Head Chain.

Nasty Gal: Diamante Head Chain

You may have heard that you’re ambitious, domineering and intense, Capricorn. But did you also know that Capricorn rules over hair in astrology? That’s right—Capricorns have *great* hair and a beautiful head to go with it. That’s why this Diamante Head Chain by Nasty Gal is a must for your festival season ensemble, as it emphasizes your true power. Plus, when you’re dancing, you’ll feel the gems twirling around you (and that sounds like so much fun).


Photo: VERONNI. 4 Pack Glowing Face Gems. Amazon.

Photo: VERONNI. 4 Pack Glowing Face Gems. Amazon.

VERONNI: 4 Pack Glowing Face Gems

You know you’re not of this world, Aquarius. In fact, you’re such a beautifully strange and incredibly unique person that you might as well be an alien from outer space. And you know what? That’s what we love about you. And with these Glowing Face Gems by VERONNI , you’re tapping into your extraterrestrial self. And whenever a flash of neon light washes over you, you’ll glow like something from a different galaxy altogether!


GloFX Imagine Kaleidoscope Glasses. Amazon.

Photo: GloFX. Imagine Kaleidoscope Glasses. Amazon.

GloFX: Imagine Kaleidoscope Glasses

You’re always trying to see things from another perspective, Pisces. To you, real life can be incredibly mundane, which is why you’re always trying to escape to a dreamworld. If you wear these Imagine Kaleidoscope Glasses by GloFX to a festival, it will literally feel like a dream *within* a dream! Whenever you start to feel bored or tired at a festival, you can look through a pair of these kaleidoscopic lenses and feel instantly reminded of the magic of it all.


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