Cheers! These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best (& Worst!) New Year’s Eve

Brenna Lilly
Cheers! These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best (& Worst!) New Year’s Eve
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In my eyes, New Year’s Eve is one of the most magical holidays of the season, during which we can release the burdens and fears of the old year and boldly step into a new one. To aid in this transformation, I did some divining: these zodiac signs will have the best (and worst!) New Year’s Eve.

This New Year’s Eve will grant us all an opportunity to reflect on what we want to leave behind from 2021. What is it that you need to let go of in order to move forward and live a more centered, authentic life? These questions might sound vague and “woo-woo,” but they’re ones that everyone has to ask themselves at one point or another.

I love the practice of astrology because it gives us an outlet to explore these questions. Even though much of astrology is intuitive, it actually requires a lot of math (that, fortunately, apps and sites like Costar and CafeAstrology can handle for us). The structure of astrology gives us a framework to navigate emotions. How does Mercury in our sign empower us to speak truthfully? What can a retrograde Saturn show us about our real desires for career success?

I dove into the chart for New Year’s Eve to see who will start off the year strong, and who’s looking a little rockier. Luckily, every one of us has lessons to learn from the stars. Here are the zodiac signs that will have the best and worst New Year’s Eve. And if yours ends with a kiss at midnight, well, good for you!


Zodiac Signs Who Will Have the Best New Year’s Eve:

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Capricorn, you’re in the running to have one of the best holiday seasons this year. New Year’s Eve is going to be particularly awesome for you, as you benefit from the placement of both the Sun and Mercury in your sign. The planet will bless you with an amplification of your natural powers of decision-making, dedication, and drive. The Sun conjunction enhances your general “essence,” while Mercury gives your communication skills a hefty bolstering.

Use New Year’s Eve to determine how you’ll use your powers for good this year. You Capricorns are exceptionally hard workers and tend to develop workaholic tendencies—can you dedicate time to caring for yourself just as much as you care about making a name for yourself?


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Much like Capricorn, you have two major planets in your sign this New Year’s Eve, Sag. First, the Moon moves through your sign, amplifying your emotions. You have an innate desire for knowledge, travel, and vast emotional experiences. How can you use your enhanced emotions to manifest an exceptional 2022?

You also receive the benefits of Mars in your sign on NYE. Mars is a tricky planet to work with—when he’s working against you, Mars aggravates hot tempers and heats up arguments. However, if you can keep an eye on how you react to frustrating situations, Mars in your sign can empower you and add passion to your already-sultry nature.

How can you reclaim your emotional intelligence in the new year? Take this powerful beginning and roll with it!


Zodiac Signs Who Will Have the Worst New Year’s Eve:

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Libra, very frankly: this New Year’s Eve is going to suck for you, with three major planets squaring your sun sign. But—there is hope. First and foremost, your sign squares the transiting sun on New Year’s Eve. Squares, if you’ve been paying attention to my past predictions, both represent and conjure conflict. When your Sun sign squares the transiting Sun, you’re bound to feel uneasy and less like yourself.

With Mercury squaring your sun sign, too, you’ll have difficulty getting your thoughts and desire across to other people. And don’t even get me started on Venus in retrograde…please leave old flames in the past, where they belong! To mitigate these cosmic ill-effects, you’ll need to practice deep intentionality.

Choose your words, deeds and associations very carefully to lay an ethical, supportive foundation for 2022.


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Aries, you will suffer from the same angles as Libra this New Year’s Eve. But, because your personality is innately different from Libra, your reactions to these influences will differ. To start, the Sun squaring you will make you feel far more listless and irritable. 

Second, Mercury squaring your sign will—like Libra—make you feel like you’re tripping over your words. But, instead of acting airy and above-it-all, you’ll probably lose your cool and freak out at people over small misunderstandings (especially if you can’t regulate your emotions). Even further, Venus retrograde will remind you of everything you’ve done wrong in relationships, but I swear these feelings will pass.

Can you use these challenges as a way to confront discomfort and dedicate yourself to peace in the New Year?

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