These Zodiac Signs Are Guaranteed To Have The Best Summer

Brenna Lilly
These Zodiac Signs Are Guaranteed To Have The Best Summer
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It’s summertime: The sun is shining, the days are longer and the astro-forecasts are in! And three zodiac signs in particular are going to have the best summer of all.

Like every year, we start the summer season off in the cardinal water sign of Cancer. Cancer loves communing with like-minded folk and being near agua. If you’re coastal, take your loved ones for a picnic at the beach. If you’re landlocked, head to a lake, river or even just a waterpark. Soak up this sweet energy while you can!

In late July, the Sun moves into the sign of Leo: extroverted, social and a blast to have around. This is when the fun picks up even more. Ride the Leo vibe and get out of the house! Sprinkle some glitter in your hair, don your power outfit and let people bask in your radiance.

Like every summer, we all benefit from the fun-loving, go-with-the-flow energy of the Sun’s presence in these two signs. You may also notice in this summertime forecast that Venus, Mercury and the Sun are often approximately in the same sign—this happens regularly throughout the year because of the closeness of those two planets to their beloved Sun.

So, even though these conjunctions (meaning, planets in the same sign) are common for the summertime, there are a couple extra tidbits that make summer 2021 super exciting for a few of us. Read on to find out if that includes you.

And BTW, the signs that are going to have the best summer are definitely the most fun. Just sayin’!

STYLECASTER | Leo Zodiac Sign

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Leo, this summer is YOURS. Start planning ASAP. Starting on June 27, Venus wanders into your sign, where she’ll ignite your world with fiery passion (Venus in Leo is all about bold, open expressions of love and sex—with enthusiastic consent, of course!). Then, you get Leo season, which comes July 22 through August 21, when you’ll be completely in your element. Finally, Mercury swings into Leo from July 27 through August 10, when we’ll all be speaking our minds and coming out of our shells a bit more. 


STYLECASTER | Aquarius Zodiac Sign

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Aquarius, since you’re the sign opposite Leo (which means you are their astrological complement), you get to reap all of same the benefits that Leo is experiencing this summer. While they’re getting huge energetic amplification this summer from having a multitude of planets in their sign, you’re getting an energetic balancing. Leo energy (willful, extroverted, fiery) plays a lovely partner to your energy (similarly willful, but more introverted and airy). Get playful—hang out in the sunshine, be social and see what happens!


STYLECASTER | Capricorn Zodiac Sign

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Capricorn, this summer’s going to be a blast for you. You’re the sign that opposes Cancer, where the Sun will be from June 20 through July 21. This means that, like Aquarius, this summer you’ll experience a warm, tender balancing force to your often cold and stern demeanor. Mercury will also be in Cancer from July 11 through July 26, so you can be sure the summertime will soften your hard edges. AND, from July 21 through August 15, Venus shifts into Virgo, which is trine your sign (read: it’s in the same element as your sign) and will enhance your ability to clearly express your desires—material, sexual, and romantic. Happy summer, babe.


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