These 4 Zodiac Signs Are The Best In Bed—So If You Aren’t One, Date One

These 4 Zodiac Signs Are The Best In Bed—So If You Aren’t One, Date One
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Great sex is often the result of a natural, electric compatibility with your sexual partner, but certain astrological signs seem to have an inherent gift for pleasure. Which zodiac signs are the best in bed, you ask? Four stand out among the rest. The strongest aspects of their personalities shine in the darkest and sweatiest of bedrooms, and their gifts for listening, attentiveness and affection result in a passionate romp that you can’t wait to unpack with your friends at brunch the next day. Expect them to demand a debrief in hushed tones as they burst into gasps and giggles. You know when you’re afraid to make eye contact with your waiter? That’s a sign of sex worth raving about.

Like most insatiable things (my love for luxury chocolate, for example), when it comes to sex there’s the good and the engrossingly, intoxicating, mind-numbingly great. If you’re having trouble differentiating between the two, allow me to pull from my back-catalog of shags past and share some wisdom. When it’s good, you end the night by cuddling together, sharing a bowl of ice cream and watching old reruns of The Office. Nice, but pretty standard. When it’s great, you gulp a large glass of water, secretly text your BFF group chat and vow to share details, and swipe on some extra deodorant before diving into round two.

Running with my earlier chocolate example, it’s like comparing a whipped Swiss hazelnut truffle to a half-melted Reese’s cup. Both are tasty, but you know the one you’re going to savor on your tongue and dream about later. Certain zodiac signs are the whipped Swiss hazelnut truffles of the bedroom, and you’re no doubt curious to know if you’re one of the four that has a leg-up in the, ahem, legs up department.

Without further ado, here are the four zodiac signs that are the best in bed.


STYLECASTER | Pisces zodiac sign horoscope

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Don’t be fooled by the gentle and seemingly calm nature of the empathetic Pisces. These qualities do not make them passiverather, they allow them to sync to your needs, giving Pisces the near-magical ability to feel both your pleasure and theirs in tandem. They are naturally affectionate and quickly adjust their behaviors to make you as comfortable as possible.

A Pisces will find out what makes you feel the most sensitive and vulnerable, and rather than exploit it, find the safest and most comforting way to get you to open you up, so you can find a sweet release. And, okay, there is a slight chance that your evening ends with a Pisces pulling out a guitar or attempting to write a poem about you while you’re on a scavenger hunt for your underwear, but you may just be in too good of a mood to find this romantic behavior cheesy


STYLECASTER | Gemini zodiac sign horoscope

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A challenging yet seductive Gemini might be the mind-blowing lover you never saw coming. Perhaps your flirtation started off a bit unpredictably; like you weren’t sure if they wanted to take you home or excuse themselves to the bathroom and walk out of the bar altogether. That unpredictable protective outer layer is often a shield for the Gemini’s more sensitive side, as they tend to get wrapped up in lust faster than any other sign. This is also what makes them so excellent in bed.

You might even come home from a date with your Gemini and end up doing that thing from the movies, where you peel off your clothes and make your way to the bedroom, not even realizing your roommate is watching bug-eyed, shoving handfuls of microwave popcorn into her mouth. All the unexpected twists and turns you’ll feel when courting a Gemini will take you on a pleasure-fueled roller coaster ride. While you won’t know what happens when the roller coaster stops, you know for sure that the wild ride will be worth it. Buckle up! 


STYLECASTER | Leo zodiac sign horoscope

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The vivacious, warm Leo will envelope you with a magnetic energy that feels deliciously intoxicating. It’s a Leo’s nature to give off an inviting charisma that their friends and family cling to; and when they set their sights on a romantic interest, they’ll passionately pursue and prove that they’re worth it (and trust me, they are). While a Leo’s passion in the bedroom may feel a little ~intense~ at first, you’ll soon be swept up in their confident embrace, and feel safe enough to release your inhibitions.

A Leo might opt for a more creative and theatrical approach to foreplay, like a steamy roleplay sesh or a tube of body paint to be slowly, methodically applied to every inch of skin. It might seem strange at first, but a Leo’s wild ways could be exactly the passionate change of pace you’ve been looking for in the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to get silly when experimenting, as the good-humored Leo will always laugh with you; not at you. Let the games begin. 


STYLECASTER | Libra zodiac sign horoscope

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Libras are known to make friends wherever they go, and are able to create a base connection with just about everyone they meet. Unsurprisingly, our even-tempered and generous Libra tends to be compassionate and giving in the bedroom, too, and can only truly enjoy his or herself once they know their partner is satisfied. Libras can shy away from decision-making, so they won’t necessarily take charge in the bedroom, but if you give them a suggestion or clear direction, they will enthusiastically grant your kinkiest of wishes.

A Libra is well-represented by the scale symbol, and is always on a quest to find a perfect balance. Throughout your intimate journey, a Libra will try their best to make sure your experience is as fulfilling as possible (they want you to feel good everywhere). When they achieve this, be sure to give them some well-deserved praiseand, ya know, ask what might make them feel good, too!