Deck The Halls! These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Holiday Season

Brenna Lilly
Deck The Halls! These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Holiday Season
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I don’t know about you, but the holidays have me PUMPED this year. Though early winter is full of joy, celebration and gifts for nearly billions worldwide, I’ve got some news: these three zodiac signs will have the best holidays of all. Hope the stars are shining on you this season, babe!

From November through early February, folks of several different religions and people-groups celebrate the holidays by spending time with their families, sharing food and practicing their faith and/or culture. No matter which holidays you’re celebrating (if any!) or what zodiac sign you were born under, you can rely on this list for some insight into the winter astro-weather. 

When hunting for the three signs that will have the best holidays, I started by mapping out the astrological weather for mid-November through the start of February. This meant identifying which important planets (Venus, Mars, Mercury, etc.) are going to move into what signs and when (this includes retrograde movements), particularly around the biggest holidays. 

Then, I compared these major “transits” against each of the 12 signs to consider how they may be affected, particularly when it comes to socialization and spiritual celebration. Finally, I identified three signs that have the highest number of “beneficial” transits and the lowest number of stressful transits, all in the spirit of holiday merriment. Fun, huh?

No matter how you’re celebrating and who you’re with, I can guarantee that each of these three zodiac signs will have the best holiday season. Happy holidays, witchy ones!

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Cancer, you’re going to have a BLAST this holiday season. Baseline, you’re the best host in the zodiacyou know exactly how to make other people feel welcome in your space and you’re naturally drawn towards spiritual study and tradition.

This year in particular, you get to enjoy the benefits of Venus in Capricorn opposing your sign, which will add strength to your softness, making it easier to deal with social gatherings and conversations about material goods (at least until the planet rolls retrograde on December 19). 

Mercury also trines your sign in Scorpio until November 23, which will lend you a bit of fierceness (meaning: speaking your mind will be easier). When Jupiter enters Pisces on December 28, you’ll also feel an enhancement in your inner-knowing. When he’s in Pisces, Jupiter provides extra intuitive capabilities to empathic people like yourself. Bring your tarot cards to the NYE parties!

Finally, be prepared for extra empowerment from Mars in Capricorn starting January 24.


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Capricorn, holiday season is a strong time of year for you, and this year is no exception. Just like Cancer, you start off the holiday season strong with Venus in your sign (though she will move retrograde on December 19, so beware—no lonely Christmas calls to exes!). When stationary, this placement gives you a greater ability to love and be loved, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself catching feelings. 

It’s your season from December 21 to January 18, Capricorn, so enjoy feeling more grounded and like yourself, helping you get through the end of the calendar year with strength. Lastly, Mars in Capricorn will amp you up at the end of January, offering you the ability to work hard and speak your truth.

Just don’t let all the Capricorn energy make you too stubborn, okay? Enjoy everything this time of year has to offer, with no pretense (go ice skating and giggle when you fall, you hard head).


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Taurus, prepare to reap similar benefits as Capricorn from all those earthy placements, which will enrich your already-chill nature with more groundedness—which, for laid-back and introverted folks like yourself, is essential during this time of year). 

Venus in Capricorn is an amazing opportunity to reconnect with people from your past in a way that’s healthy and caring. Just don’t go back to your red-flag-waving ex during the retrograde, yeah?

Prepare to nap hard on January 2 during the Cap new moon. Nothing like chill, contemplative vibes to get you through a New Year’s hangover! Which, knowing you, Taurus, you’ll surely be nursing. Have fun!


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