It’s Fall, Y’all! These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Autumn

Brenna Lilly
It’s Fall, Y’all! These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Autumn
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Don’t be ashamed of your love for pumpkin-flavored goodies, oversized sweaters, apple picking and other so-called “basic” delightsautumn is incredible and you deserve to enjoy every freaking moment! I’m particularly excited for three specific zodiac signs, who are guaranteed to have the best fall of all (It rhymes, so it must be true!).

In general, the astrological weather this fall is pretty good. While eclipses are a pain in the butt (we’ve got one on 11/19 and on 12/4) and Venus retrograde blows (starting 12/19), we’re finally moving out of a period that saw five outer planets in retrograde. For a few of us, this fall may be something of a hassle, but for most of us, autumn looks bright. 

The factors that indicate why someone will have the “best” or “worst” season aren’t concrete, because astrology isn’t solely based on one’s sun sign. Astrological predictions are most accurate when the astrologer knows someone’s birth date, time, and location, which all indicate the placement of planets in a person’s chart. However, it is possible to tell just by your sun sign who gets to have a little extra fun this autumn.

The retrogrades of late have cut off the flow of energy for many of us, hindering us from reaching our full potential, but we’re moving into an easier time come autumn. It’s always nice when the stars align in your chart—your words come out easier, money comes and goes freely and you feel more energetically fluid.

If you’re on the below list of zodiac signs having the best fall, be sure to use your planetary alignment to your advantage and make magic happen.

STYLECASTER | Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

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Sag, this fall is looking easy-breezy for you. While eclipses take a toll on all of us, you have some sweetness to look forward to as the summer winds down. The first beneficial aspect to look forward to this fall is Venus moving into your sign on October 7, where she’ll rest until November 4. The planet of love and money smiles upon you, amplifying the intensity of your romantic life and financial stability. 

Then, Mercury travels through your sign from November 24 through December 12, emboldening you to speak your mind with clarity and ease. Mars in your sign from December 13 onward (still fall, technically!) gives you a burst of fierceness. Finally, Sagittarius season itself is November 21 until December 20, so use this period to relish the feeling of being centered and in-control.


STYLECASTER | Gemini Zodiac Sign

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Gemini, you’re the sign opposite Sagittarius, so many of this fall’s astrological events balance your nature. Much like Sagittarius, Venus in Sag October 7 through November 4 will affect you deeply. While you often tend to be flighty and aloof, Gemini, this Sag Venus will lend you some much-needed passion and heat. Mercury in Sagittarius will offer a similar balancing effectyou will likely feel more compelled to speak up for yourself.

Once Mars makes his way into Sagittarius at the very end of fall (December 13), you’ll feel level-headed and empowered (plus, that’s Sag season, too!). Let this fire-sign energy warm you up and use it to your advantage – this is a great time to stake your claim on life both emotionally and practically. Take an oath of self love, then act on it.


STYLECASTER | Scorpio Zodiac Sign

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My spooky belovedyou OWN fall, Scorpio. Your nature is inextricably tied to this time of yearsince you’re so deeply connected to the shadow self and the occult, it’s no surprise you enjoy Halloween and Samhain, the pagan holiday honoring our deceased loved ones and ancestors. 

Your “season” happens October 23 to November 20, when the wind picks up and the nights grow long. During this time, you’ll feel the influence of Mars in your sign (October 30 to December 12) AND Mercury in your sign (November 5 to November 23). Prepare to feel deeply embodied and in-your-power. The sun, Mars, and Mercury all align to enhance your witchy, intuitive energy. Cast a spell and enjoy the turning of the leaves!

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