These Zodiac Signs Are Guaranteed to Have the Best 2022

Brenna Lilly
These Zodiac Signs Are Guaranteed to Have the Best 2022
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Oh hell yes2021 is almost done, and 2022 is here to rock our worlds. Though the future isn’t certain for anyone, the 2022 astro-reports have great news: these three zodiac signs will have the best 2022. Let’s celebrate!

Reading charts for the best 2022 is totally different than looking at charts for just a single day, week, or even month. Short-term readings (like charting who’s going to have the best holiday season) are great for determining how you should prepare for an evening out or what to expect from people in your circle, but yearly readings can change the course of your entire life.

When we look at everything that’s happening astrologically in a year, we get a broader look at the outer planets. These outer planets, which are the furthest from the sun, take the longest time to move through the zodiac. Unlike the inner planetsthink the moon and Mercurythat move frequently through the signs, some astral bodies like Neptune and Pluto take years to go through a single sign, making them deeply impactful on entire social movements and whole generations, instead of just fleeting moods.

2022 features a lineup of some intense cosmic weather (with plenty of retrogrades, eclipses and square angles), but there are a fews signs almost ~guaranteed~ to have some incredible experiences, courtesy of the influence of the biggest players in the astrological field.

These three zodiac signs will have the best 2022if you’re one of them, get excited.

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Pisces, 2022 is YOUR year. The stars are aligning in your favor! You’re slated to have the “Year of Flow.” 2022 will provide you with fewer frustrations, leaving you more room to be productive in the social, emotional, spiritual and career-related facets of your life. You’ll also benefit from the influence of two huge planets, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the flow of life. 

Jupiter sits in your sign from the end of 2021 until May 10, then again from October 28 until December 20, providing you luck and strength at the beginning and end of the year. You can also anticipate a continual enhancement of your intuition, courtesy of your dear friend, Neptune. 

Your sign is ruled by Neptune, meaning that the energy of your sign and the qualities that Neptune controls, like intuition and dreams, are deeply similar. Neptune (one of the farthest planets from the sun) takes many years to move through one single sign, so you’ve been feeling his influence in your life since 2012 and will continue to do so until 2025.

Use this cosmic uplift to explore what it means to be “you,” Pisces. Let go of what you think the world wants you to be, and dive into your weird, wacky, intuitive selfhood wholeheartedly!


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Cancer, 2022 is your “Year of Exploration.” It’s time for you to break out of the shell you’ve trapped yourself in and reap all that you’ve been sowing (but haven’t given yourself credit for).

In 2022, you get to experience the same benefits Pisces does (albeit less intensely) via the influences of Jupiter and Neptune. You’ll probably feel more at ease than you did last year2021 took a lot out of you. Alongside the movements of these two big planets, you’ll also continue to feel the influence of Pluto in Capricorn opposing your sign.

Pluto is a small but magically potent planet, moving in “eras” instead of short burstshe’s been hanging out in Capricorn since 2008, and will be there until 2023, reminding you of the hard work that has to happen in order to be a grounded spiritual being.

Having Pluto opposing your sign for all these years has given contrast to your anxious, capital-E Empathic nature. Your time of learning the nitty-gritty work of spirituality is soon coming to a closecan you explore what it’s like to be a warm-hearted being in a cold-hearted world? Trust me, you’re ready.


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Virgo, 2022 is going to be one of your best years yet. For you, 2022 is the “Year of Letting Go.” Patterns of disempowerment, anger and old habitswhat are you prepared to let go of? The same outer planets due to enhance the intuitive capabilities of Cancer and Pisces are also the ones that will help cool you down and release some pressure.

Even though you claim to be averse to stress, we both know that you thrive on a jam-packed schedule, making you prone to burnout and frustration. Haven’t you gotten tired of that? 2022 gives you an opportunity to break that pattern: Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces (opposing you) will swing through your chart to soothe the rockiness of your character.

You’ll also continue to experience some of the intensity of Pluto in Capricorn. What can you learn from this existentially-charged planet’s movement through the sign of hard work and power? Along with your tendency to overwork yourself is a sense of timidity. You don’t have to shelter yourself and be afraid of the worldthis year’s planetary lineup is just right to help you choose a new life. Just do your magic when most planets aren’t in retrograde.


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