Careful Who You Dump—These 4 Zodiac Signs Are The Worst Exes

Careful Who You Dump—These 4 Zodiac Signs Are The Worst Exes
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As our favorite early-aughts songstress Nelly Furtado once sang, “All good things must come to an end.” But what happens when that “thing” is a relationship? When it comes to break-ups and making the transition from lovers to exes, adapting to these new roles can potentially unearth new depths within your partner’s personality that you never saw before. It’s possible some of these have to do with the stars—in fact, the zodiac signs that are the worst ex-partners will come as no surprise to any frequent horoscope-reader.

While in a relationship, it’s natural for us to emphasize our partner’s strengths and find ways in which our energies sync up with one another. When a break-up happens, however, it’s not uncommon to see the inverse of your former partner’s best qualities. Perhaps you always loved how strong-willed your partner wasuntil you started divvying up your eclectic record collection and they wanted all your favorites. Or, maybe you loved how they could always find the humor in any situation, but don’t appreciate the wisecracks when they spot you at your favorite bar on an awkward Hinge date (Which reminds me: If the two of you were dedicated to the same local watering hole, it may be time to get a change of scenery and try somewhere new). 

While the transition into exes isn’t easy for anyone, there are certain zodiac signs that have an especially difficult time adapting to their new role, and this struggle can be mainly attributed to the ways in which these signs process change, heartbreak and personal growth. From the needy 2:00 a.m. texts to passive-aggressive Instagram stories, subtweets and beyond, let’s just face itthese zodiac signs make the worst exes.

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The bull is the perfect symbol for a Taurus, as their calm and grounded nature can shift to rage and aggression when poked or prodded. If you find yourself in a break-up with a Taurus, they may approach the initial ending with an almost unsettling calm; at first, you might even wonder if they’re affected by the break-up at all. But just because they’re not shedding tears or playing Elliot Smith as they pack their suitcase doesn’t mean that they aren’t feeling the lossand trust me, you’re going to be made aware of these feelings later.

Their unpredictability of emotion is what makes a Taurus ex particularly frustrating, and their often rational and frank communication style is likely to be replaced with words or actions that seem clouded or irrationalbut that’s simply the bull, kicking up dust, unable to see clearly through it. You may leave your catch-up coffee meeting feeling totally on the same page, only to receive a cold email about a mutual friend’s birthday party a day later.

You might be caught up in this emotional tug-of-war for a while, until your ex can find a stable emotional outlet through a new relationship or close friend. Until then, strap yourself in for a truly twisted emotional roller coaster. Good luck!

STYLECASTER | leo zodiac sign

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Most Leos tend to possess an untouchable charm that gravitates people toward themincluding you (Well, at one point, at least). Yes, Leos radiate a positive energy when they’re connecting with others, but when it’s time to sever ties, you may find them floundering without their greatest power source.

In the case of a breakup, a Leo’s emotional floundering can take many forms. Glaring at you from behind their bowl of Cheerios as you tape up your move-out boxes, loudly sobbing on the phone to your (Yes, your) mom about how they’re feeling abandoned or even sneaking off with your mutual friends to brunch so they can share their side of the break-up before you do (Thus, getting their loyalty before you can plead you case. So sneaky).

While they may be sloppy and theatrical in their approach, a Leo will often rely on manipulation to gain as much sympathy as possible during a break-up…and yes, that includes sympathy from you. Don’t be surprised if you end up comforting them on your couch and pumping them up with affirmations, only to see them out doing sake-bombs on a group date one day later. Pro tip: Next time a Leo texts you a sad-face emoji looking for validation, blast your favorite Lizzo song and block their number. It’s not worth your energy!

STYLECASTER | virgo zodiac sign

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When you were dating, the wise, observant Virgo always knew exactly what to say to make you feel your absolute best. As your ex, a Virgo knows exactly what to say to make your blood completely and utterly boil. It’s the gift and curse of the Virgo; once they connect with you, they absorb every nuance of you, which means they know exactly how to get under your skin.

They’ll likely begin by essentially ~taking over~ the breakup, starting with the divvying of assets (beloved misplaced items will always magically end up in their boxes) to deciding who gets to continue to frequent your mutually beloved bars and restaurants. Spoiler alert: You’ll end up with just that sub-par coffee shop with the stale muffins. You know that control is the only way for them to work through their emotions around the breakup, and when you offer yourself for emotional support, you’ll likely be met with a cold shoulder and unanswered email.

A Virgo will likely hold a grudge for some time, and will probably end up bailing on your catch-up drinks due to a mysterious “work thing”. But don’t be surprised if they’re still the first person to text you on your birthday. It’s the thought that counts, right?

STYLECASTER | aquarius zodiac sign

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An Aquarius is often fiercely independent and self-sufficient, a quality that you often admired during your relationship (Especially when it meant assembling all of the IKEA furniture for your shared apartment). When the relationship ends, however, you may find your Aquarius ex attempting to emotionally and physically shut you out as an attempt at self-protection, which can make getting closure nearly impossible.

As soon as one of you finally utters the doomed phrase “We need to talk,” your Aquarius ex will begin treating you with shocking indifference, which can make grieving the breakup feel lonely and isolating. I mean, shouldn’t you play drunken phone-tag at 2:00 a.m. for at least a month after the final goodbye? Is that not standard protocol?!

There will likely be no check-in calls or closure meet-ups, and your ex won’t pay any attention to the uber-exciting Instagram Stories you’ve been posting to prove that you’re thriving. No, your Aquarius ex will go back to focusing on their own needs and wants, and will leave you to pick up the pieces yourself.

The good news? Even if they’re not up for a relationship postmortem, they’ll likely help you dismantle all of that IKEA furniture, or maybe just let you keep it. TBH, that might even be better than one last hookup. Well, maybe.

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