15 Astrology Gifts Perfect For The Zodiac-Lovers In Your Life

Maggie Griswold
15 Astrology Gifts Perfect For The Zodiac-Lovers In Your Life
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Everything may be written in the stars, but sometimes it’s a bit hard to decipher what said stars are telling us to gift our astrology-loving friends. When it comes to zodiac sign gifts, you want to make sure you’re giving your pals something they’ll love—and not something they’ll never use just because it has their zodiac sign on it or is simply astrology-themed. Sure, they’ll probably be grateful you even remember in which month they’re born, but your best friends deserve better than you just remembering their birthday. Real friends need really good gifts—which is where this gift guide comes in handy.

From my experience, all astrology-lovers have several things in common. They typically all love to blame things on the stars, Mercury in Retrograde, etc. etc. (Sorry not sorry!) If something is slightly out of whack, you better believe they’ll look to astrology to find the answer. In addition, most astrology-lovers tend to ask everyone what their sign is. Forget personality tests like the Enneagram and Myers Briggs, the zodiac-obsessed have their own way of figuring everyone out.

I’ve also noticed astrology-lovers all feel seen when you gift them something based on their sign that they also actually want. An astrology phone case can be a great zodiac sign gift option for your BFF who’s always on their phone. Alternatively, a zodiac book is a fun idea for your most literary pals. The key takeaway: Make it personal, and your friends will notice.

To get you started on your zodiac sign gift ideas journey, I’ve gone ahead and rounded up 15 of the best and cutest astrology-themed gifts sure to please your star-loving friends. Whether they’re the creative type, a person who loves home decor or that one friend who always has a candle burning, we’ve got you covered. Go forth, my friends, and feel free to give all the credit to the ~stars~.

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1. Astrology Phone Case

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Gifts

Courtesy of Sonix.

If your friend is always checking the CoStar app on their phone, might as well get them a seriously cute astrology phone case
, right? Right.

2. Moon Neon Light Sign

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Gifts

Courtesy of BCHLIGHT.

For a more subtle astrology-themed gift, you can go with this cute moon neon light sign
. This is especially great for a friend who identifies with their moon sign the most.

3. Constellation Ear Crawler

constellation ear crawler

Image Courtesy of Sterling Forever.

If your astrology-obsessed bestie also loves unique and stylish jewelry, then you’ll want to gift this earring set that features their Zodiac constellation on one side and a minimalist stud on the other.

4. Birthdate Candles

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Gifts

Courtesy of Birthdate Candles.

OK, now this one is super cool. Birthdate Candles has custom candles available for every birthday. So, you can get your pal a candle that has their exact birthdate on it—and all the zodiac qualities surrounding it.

5. Zodiac Sign Bracelet

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Gifts

Courtesy of Lucky Feather.

For the jewelry lover, you can’t go wrong with a zodiac sign bracelet
. You don’t even need to wait for a special occasion to treat your friend to this little gift! It works any time.

6. Zodiac Art Print

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Gifts

Courtesy of Berlin Michelle/Society 6.

The artist Berlin Michelle on Society 6 has a cool and funky print for each and every zodiac sign. So even if this fun Leo art print isn’t the one you end up with, you’re sure to love all that this artist has to offer.

7. The Mixology Of Astrology

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Gifts

Courtesy of Adams Media.

If your BFF is a lover of cocktails, snag this Mixology of Astrology book for them. It features cosmic cocktail recipes for every single zodiac sign. Cheers!

8. Moon Lamp

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Gifts

Courtesy of Mind Glowing.

Oh, don’t mind me. Just adding another cool moon lamp
to this gift guide. Even someone who couldn’t care less about their zodiac sign would love this gorgeous home decor piece.

9. Vintage Astrology Zodiac Terracotta Floor Pillow

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Gifts

Courtesy of Undaunted Design/Society 6.

When vintage vibes and zodiac signs collide, you get this unique astrology floor pillow. Created by Undaunted Design and Society 6, this is a great gift for someone who loves to create a memorable home.

10. The Cosmic Journal

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Gifts

Courtesy of AlwaysFits.

Written and illustrated by Yanik Silver, The Cosmic Journal features wise sage, a powerful oracle and just plain friendly advice. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants the cosmos to guide them.

11. Typography Astrology Wall Art

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Gifts

Courtesy of KL Design Co.

For folks who like their wall art to be precise and minimalist, this cool astrology typograph
y is a great option. KL Designs Co. has a version for every sign, so no one gets left out.

12. The Astrology Of You And Me

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Gifts

Courtesy of Quirk Books.

Additionally, if you have a friend who loves to use astrology to understand their relationships, you can gift them The Astrology of You and Me—a book that will help them do just that.

13. PJ Salvage Astrological Signs Top

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Gifts

Courtesy of PJ Salvage.

You can give the gift of coziness and zodiac vibes with this astrological signs pajama top
. If your BFF is someone who loves to sleep in and stay at home, this is the perfect option.

14. Goddess Provisions Box

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Gifts

Courtesy of Goddess Provisions.

The Goddess Provisions Box is a seriously cool monthly subscription you can get for a friend (or yourself, of course!) that features astrological, witchy and all-around fun products—like journals, incense and even jewelry.

15. Birth Flower Charms

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Gifts

Courtesy of Starling Jewelry.

If you want to really treat your friend, get them one of these absolutely gorgeous birth flower charms from Starling Jewelry. This is the type of piece they’ll want to wear every single day—and then some.

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