The Face Mask You Need Depending On Your Zodiac Sign

Maggie Griswold
The Face Mask You Need Depending On Your Zodiac Sign
Photo: Courtesy of Mask Bowl; Buzz Barks; Kenrick Mills/Katie Harp/Unsplash.

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We didn’t necessarily expect it, but face masks have become the accessory of the season. By now, you’ve likely stocked up on a few for socially-distanced picnics, running to the grocery store and outdoor street style photoshoots (Do it for the ‘Gram, am I right?)—but if you’re anything like me, you could always use another. Rather than scroll through hundreds of options, though, allow the stars to choose your next purchase and opt for one of the zodiac sign face masks below. I went through the traits of each zodiac sign and paired them all with the ~perfect~ face mask—so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

It might seem obvious, but each zodiac sign has different aspects they might look for in a face mask purchase. For instance, a Taurus who loves all things bougie would likely opt for a face mask that’s high-end—or one that at least looks expensive. A Gemini is going to want multiple options, so a set of face masks is probably best for that sign. A Scorpio might want something that’s both bold and elegant at the same time, relating back to their intense personalities (despite the fact that they’re a water sign). In other words, there’s something for everyone.

Personally, I don’t think that making big decisions based on your zodiac sign is necessarily a smart move, but choosing a new face mask? Sure. Let’s do it. A zodiac sign face mask is a fun way to show off your personality and affinity for reading horoscopes but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You can treat yourself to new face mask that’s based on your sign—rather than, say, a new car—without regretting the decision later. It’s a win/win shopping adventure!

Now, let’s get to the masks, shall we? Keep reading below to find which face mask you should totally buy based on your zodiac sign—starting with eccentric Aquarius all the way down to intelligent Capricorn. Your safety is written in the stars.


1. Aquarius

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Face Masks

Courtesy of Mystic Macaw.

Eccentric, observant and unorthodox, you’re likely to choose the path less traveled, Aquarius, which is why this beautiful and bold face mask is the one you definitely need right now.


2. Pisces

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Face Masks

Courtesy of Buzz Barks.

Mystical, creative and sensitive Pisces, there’s no doubting that you’re a water sign. You stand out in the most beautiful of ways, and this glowing aquatic face mask is a reflection of that.


3. Aries

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Face Masks

Courtesy of Atlas Ivy.

As a natural born leader, Aries, you’d definitely take the initiative to turn a typical tie-dye mask and change it up. This reverse tie-dye mask is a testament to your forward-thinking and innovative attitude.


4. Taurus

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Face Masks

Courtesy of Lele Sadoughi.

As a strong-willed and luxury-loving Taurus, you probably hate having to wear face masks. You’ll do it to protect those around you, of course, but you’ll take nothing less than a seriously gorgeous mask.


5. Gemini

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Face Masks

Courtesy of Anthropologie.

As a Gemini, you’ll likely want multiple different face mask options to keep on rotation, so you might as well opt for a set of five cute masks to keep you from getting bored. (I, myself, am a Gemini, so I know how it is.)


6. Cancer

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Face Masks

Courtesy of Catherine’s Niche.

Compassionate Cancer, there’s no denying you’re a water sign. You’re likely a healing and and warm individual, and soothed by the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore—which is why a nautical-themed mask is your best bet.


7. Leo

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Face Masks

Courtesy of Mask Bowl.

You’re a fierce one, Leo, and you let everyone know it. What better way to prove you’re a ruler than wearing a face mask that shows you know how to roar?


8. Virgo

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Face Masks

Courtesy of Mask Bowl.

As an earth sign, you’re close to nature, so embrace the beauty of the world with your next face mask. This Van Gogh-inspired mask is the perfect mix of natural wonder and an eye for all things beautiful.


9. Libra

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Face Masks

Courtesy of Atlas Ivy.

Since you often have a hard time making decisions, Libra, allow me to suggest a trendy tie-dye face mask. This vintage-inspired trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll look cute for the rest of the year.


10. Scorpio

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Face Masks

Courtesy of Etsy Masken.

Though you’re a water sign, Scorpio, you’re likely bold and intense—like a huge wave crashing to shore. The best mask for you is one that has a flare of elegance, but makes a statement at the same time.


11. Sagittarius

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Face Masks

Courtesy of The Hudson Studio.

As an impulsive Sagittarius, you’re likely a natural wanderer, drawn to exploration—which is why a space-themed face mask is totally perfect for you.


12. Capricorn

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Face Masks

Courtesy of Hannah Coo 2A.

As an intelligent and ambitious Capricorn, even your messiest days have some sort of order, which is why this artsy bookworm face mask should get added to your cart ASAP.


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