Your Zodiac Sign’s Biggest Weakness (& How To Overcome It)

Roya Backlund
Your Zodiac Sign’s Biggest Weakness (& How To Overcome It)
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Look, you’re far from perfect. I’m far from perfect. None of us are perfect, which is why your zodiac sign’s biggest weakness is so important to talk about. Can we agree that each and every one of us are a total mess? Even when you start to get a handle on things, life always throws another curveball at you, and it’s during times of stress that we get to see how annoying you *really* are. And at the end of the day, everyone is annoying in their own beautiful way!

The truth is, every zodiac sign has something about them that kind of makes them a jerk. After all, nobody’s made of sunshine and rainbows 100 percent of the time. That would be unrealistic and you know it—but do you *really* know it? Or do you continue to put the unrealistic pressure on yourself to be perfect? Because at the end of the day, it’s the act of being too hard on yourself that tends to bring out the worst in you. Let’s talk about what your zodiac sign’s Achille’s heal, because even the greatest warrior in all of Greek mythology had his weak spot. In fact, let’s laugh about it, because being a little self-deprecating can really lighten the mood.

As an astrologer, it’s my job to roast you guys every now and then. And without further ado, here’s what your biggest weakness might be, according to your zodiac sign:

Every Zodiac Sign’s Biggest Weakness (And How To Fix It):

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Your Biggest Weakness: You know you can’t resist the rush you get from checking your tracking number. When you’re online shopping, it satisfies every single one of your worst impulses. Following your instincts right when they hit you feels like euphoria to you, Aries. However, your shopaholic tendencies are just a metaphor for something much deeper—the insatiable way your desires unfold. You don’t just want things; you need them and you need them *now*. And if someone doesn’t give you something you feel you deserve, it can tap into your worst instinct to fight even *harder* for it.

How To Overcome It: Take it easy. Not everything needs to happen right here, right now. Great things take time, and if you’re constantly choosing the fastest option, remember that you’re not always getting the best option. A little patience can go a long way, Aries. And if you just trust in the ebbs and the flows of the universe, you’ll be surprised by how fast things can unfold when you’re not paying attention. There’s room for everyone at the finish line, so give yourself a little time to catch up when you need to. You’re only human! And besides, you learn *way* more from your failures than your successes.

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Your Biggest Weakness: You can’t let things go, can you, Taurus? Not only are your grudges solid as stone, you have a really hard time changing your mind once you’ve decided something. And whenever someone decries your closed-mindedness, your response is always something along the lines of “I am who I am—take it or leave it.” You don’t enjoy adapting to other people’s needs, because in your mind, that just wouldn’t be true to yourself.

How To Overcome It: Instead of sticking to your guns as often as you do, why not hear someone out? Put yourself in their shoes, because everyone comes from a different position that deserves to be understood. And when you choose to validate someone rather than deny them, you find that you can significantly reduce the conflict in your life. Oh, and if you’re willing to let go of some of those grudges, you might even feel, dare I say, relieved? Forgiveness is not about letting someone back in, but about letting something go! Keep in mind that you’re not entitled to a certain outcome. At the end of the day, all you can control is yourself.

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Your Biggest Weakness: Another order of champagne! Zany and mischievous Gemini loves to keep the party going until morning. Geminis *love* staying up all night and keeping themselves wired. They love exploring a Wikipedia tunnel at three-in-the-morning. They need to be the smartest and most interesting person in the room, because their brains come alive under the electricity of an intellectual exchange with someone. Geminis have so much mental energy that they’d just forgo sleep altogether if they could. There’s just *so* much to do and so much to talk about! But seriously, Gemini, no one can keep up with you, especially when you’ve already changed the subject before someone could answer your initial question.

How to Overcome It:  Slow down, Gemini. Why do you need your mind to constantly be occupied with something? Someone else’s peace of mind looks a lot like your version of boredom. However, everyone needs to unplug, and you know how anxious you get when you sacrifice rest for too long. Sometimes, the smartest thing to do is to think about absolutely freaking nothing. And besides, it gets old for your favorite people when you’re getting frustrated that they don’t wanna talk about whatever you want to talk about. You probably think that people only like you when you’re delivering great one-liners and proving how intelligent you are, but that’s not true. We like you just fine, just as you are.

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Your Biggest Weakness: Knock-knock, Cancer. Is anyone home underneath that cozy little shell? Soft comforters, oversized sweaters and throw pillows galore—Cancers are all about the Nordic art of Hygge, because it reminds them of a feeling of safety and protection. If they could, you know they would cancel everything they have planned for the weekend, because being at home, in their safe place, is what a Cancer *really* wants to be doing. And if you’re someone who makes them feel more at home, beware, because a Cancer will start feeling stressed when you’re gone for too long. Seriously, they’ll miss you when you’re literally gone for fifteen minutes.

How To Overcome It: Go out to the restaurant instead of ordering takeout for the fifth time this week. Take the fifteen-minute drive to that one little shop (you know, the one you love so much). As much as you love your sacred space, let’s not forget that you have to go out every now and then in order to enjoy the warm welcome that awaits you once you return home. Connecting with the outside world reinforces the way you feel when you’re in your own personal space. And don’t you want your home to feel *that* much more special? And come on, Cancer—you’ve gotta get outta the house!

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Your Biggest Weakness: Leos always want the latest and greatest of everything. When it comes to fashion, they need the best of the best. When it comes to romance, they want to not only be loved, but worshipped. However, let’s be real—Leo’s don’t want to actually do the work it takes to get all their riches. After all, Leo’s are ruled by lions, and you know what lions do all day long? They lie around, sunbathe and roll around in the dirt. And just like a Leo, a lion doesn’t need to work hard to be the king of the jungle. After all, a Leo already considers themselves the head honcho from the get-go. Unfortunately, they’ve probably never wondered what they’ve really accomplished to earn such a title!

How To Overcome It: Imagine how much more successful you’d be if you just tried a *little* bit harder. Like, just one more ounce of effort and you could be skyrocketing toward fame and stardom. Come on, Leo! You know you can do it. Instead of being a big fish in a small bowl, why not risk it all to become the biggest shark in the whole damn ocean? Oh, and sometimes, it’s much more productive to learn from your flaws rather than ignore them. If you already see yourself as an old dog who can’t learn any new tricks, you’re actually selling yourself short.

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Your Biggest Weakness: There’s a method to your madness. However, what looks like organization to you can literally look like a mess to someone else. You need things to be done a certain way, and if anything veers off course, you have a tendency to feel all out of sorts. You love being organized so much that you probably force everyone around you to be more organized too, because the sheer site of disorder can send you into a tailspin. And you know what? You love it. You love being the person who makes everyone better and fixes the problem when everything goes wrong. Nothing makes you happier than knowing *you* were the source of someone else’s major life improvement.

How To Fix It: Life is more than a series of projects, Virgo. As much as you love sprucing people up and being the one to correct all the mistakes in the world, remember that perfection is impossible. Letting go of some of your expectations would probably relieve you of 95 percent of your stress. Seriously, just try it for one afternoon! You deserve a break from the pressure you put on yourself. Oh, and next time you offer your help, keep in mind that not everyone *wants* to be helped. No good deed goes unpunished, am I right?

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Your Biggest Weakness: You hate conflict, Libra. You’d much rather choose smooth sailing over choppy waters, and who could blame you? Peace of mind is easy for you; chaos isn’t. However, avoiding confrontation doesn’t necessarily make you the good guy, because sometimes, the truth *needs* to be called out! And look, just because you aren’t being straight up doesn’t mean you aren’t also being a passive aggressive smart ass, Libra, which can be *so* much more frustrating if you think about it.

How to Overcome It: Instead of alluding to what you’re pissed about, just come right out and say it! You’re probably worried about people being mad at you, or worse—hating you—but have a little faith. Plus, not everyone is worth the time and energy of gaining their approval, especially if you secretly can’t stand them. It’s not about how many people think you’re cool, but about *who* thinks you’re cool. And at the end of the day, being truthful about how you’re feeling gains the respect of those who really matter. Oh, and next time you walk in a room, don’t wonder if everyone likes you; instead, wonder if *you* like any of them.

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Your Biggest Weakness: You’re probably known as the shy, heartfelt and mysterious person in your social circles, Scorpio. And that’s exactly what you want them to think! You’re beyond secretive; a door that does not open for many. However, your truth is far from what you project, because you’re not some demure wallflower. You’re someone who demands attention from your loved ones, and if you’re not getting it right when you need it, you take it kind of personally! You can have unreasonable expectations of the people you love sometimes and you have a *very* hard time saying you’re sorry. After all, what Scorpio enjoys giving up their power?

How To Overcome It: Remember that relationships are a give and take, Scorpio. And you probably have a tendency to lean too much one way or the other. If you’re enjoying a position of authority over a situation—or you’re trapped in a constant cycle of fighting for a position of authority—you may want to reexamine what your end goal is. Power is easy for you to obtain, but it’s beyond difficult to maintain. No one has the upper hand 100 percent of the time, so why do you put so much pressure on yourself to be the dominant force 24/7? Life can be so much more enjoyable when you just… let it go. Try it sometime, Scorpio!

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Your Biggest Weakness: It’s true, you’re an excellent story-teller and a highly intelligent individual, Sagittarius. But when you get on your soapbox, people start to tune you out eventually! You have a tendency to tell the same story over and over again, hoping your extensive life experiences make you cooler than everyone else (or at least, cool “enough”). No, Sagittarius—you’re not *hard*, you’re a nerd and you know it!

 How To Overcome It: You don’t need to try so hard, Sag! You’re not running out of time to explore the world. There’s plenty of time to see it all, so chill out on the constant vacations, the never-ending series of hikes and the need to document each and every one of your adventures. Boredom is your greatest fear, but after a while, chasing the adrenaline rush of knowing your life is cool and up to a sufficient standard becomes harder and harder. Eventually, life is gonna slow down for you while it speeds up for someone else. And that’s OK, Sagittarius; it’s simply how the ebb and flow of the universe works. Instead of trying so hard to look like a tough guy all the time, let someone be tougher than you once in a while. Because at the end of the day, you’re a huge dork (and TBH, that’s what people *actually* love about you).

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Your Biggest Weakness: Admit it, Capricorn—you have a chip on your shoulder. How did it get lodged there? Because you’re under the impression that you work harder than everyone around you. And you know what? You’re probably right. Your work ethic is unmatched in the zodiac, but it’s within your greatest strength that you’ll also find your biggest pitfalls—you expect others to keep up with your intense level of being. You’re a great leader, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to be led.

How To Overcome It: For crying out loud, use your PTO for a change! The world isn’t gonna fall apart while you’re gone, so have a little faith that your teammates will pick up the slack while you’re on leave. Contrary to what you might have been told, there’s so much more to life than your productivity levels, so stop judging everything based solely on the results. Instead of feeling the need to prove you’re working your hardest, why not rediscover what it is you’re *really* working toward? Chances are, giving yourself a break once in a while is an essential leg of your journey.

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Your Biggest Weakness: When you’ve lost interest in something, there’s really no going back, Aquarius. If you’re not feeling something—even for a second—you have a tendency to sever ties with it altogether. And you know what? You’re well within your rights to do so! You’re a pro at not wasting any time, Aquarius. However, the way you drop things and never look back can leave more destruction in your wake than you realize. People are left wondering what went wrong, wishing you would have at least given an explanation. And what’s worse? You’ll never know if whatever it is you’re walking away from actually had potential.

How Yo Overcome It: Quit flaking out right when the going gets tough. Your ego gets in the way of your ability to stay and hash things out, because in your mind, it’s much easier to just walk away from a battle before you have a chance to lose it. However, some things are worth fighting for, Aquarius! You think trying too hard is a sign of weakness, but not trying at all is a sign of being a coward. Give something another shot before you give up, Aquarius. Remember—you have to fail over and over again before you’ll finally succeed!

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Your Biggest Weakness: Admit it Pisces—you have a tendency to think the world is against you. Being the mutable water sign that you are, your preferred state of being is to simply go with the flow! But when you get stuck in the pull of the currents, it can feel impossible to break away from it all. If feeling sorry for yourself was a sport, you’d be winning gold medals, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re weak. After all, it takes empathy to root for the underdog. However, remember—the underdog still needs to rise to the occasion eventually if they are to overcome the odds.

How To Overcome It: Pull it together, Pisces. Even if the cards were stacked against you from the start, that doesn’t mean you should see yourself as inadequate. If you spend too much time sulking over what you’re not good at, you’ll forget all about the talents you have that no one else has. After all, everyone is dealing with their own set of strengths and weaknesses, which means you’re not being singled out, Pisces. And speaking of everyone else, stop taking on everyone’s energy! You’re a magnet for energy vampires, so remember to put up solid boundaries that prevent you from getting carried away.

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