Zoë Kravitz on the Best Vintage Shopping in the U.S. and Her Most Memorable Find

Spencer Cain

zoe swarovski011 Zoë Kravitz on the Best Vintage Shopping in the U.S. and Her Most Memorable Find
Zoë Kravitz may be known primarily thanks to her famous parents Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, but the stylish 24-year-old is stepping out of their shadow. Not only does she have a few films coming up, like “After Earth” alongside Will Smith and a reboot of “Mad Max,” her latest venture is a line of jewelry for Swarovski Crystallized priced from $90 up, which showcases her trademark boho-chic style and her love of turquoise, her birthstone. The capsule collection is available today, and we caught up with Kravitz at the launch to discuss one of her favorite hobbies, vintage shopping!
Anyone who’s seen paparazzi shots of Kravitz (perhaps strolling around Manhattan with hunky boyfriend Penn Badgley of “Gossip Girl” fame) knows that she’s all about vintage and mixing high and low, like pairing flannel shirts with cut-offs, a Chanel bag, and a slew of interesting jewelry to top it off. Naturally we had to ask where she finds her unique creations. “I’m a big fan of flea markets, particularly the 26th Street Flea Market in New York. The Brooklyn Flea, and the Williamsburg waterfront flea market in the summer are also great. Of course, there’s the Santa Monica Flea Market in L.A. and the Rose Bowl is amazing. Those are where I find my gems. You have to look hard for them—but you’ll find them,” she told us.
As she reaffirmed, it truly takes dedication and digging to come across an awesome item at a flea market. So what is her most memorable find? “This ring,” she said, pointing at a gold ring with a crystal encrusted horseshoe. “For some reason, it’s my favorite thing. I’ve been wearing it everyday for five years. All my rings are from flea markets. They’re really special to me. They have a story, I always remember where they came from.”
She infused her love of vintage pieces into her line, stating, “I wanted it to be able to mix with pieces from flea markets, since I wear that jewelry all the time. I wanted it to have that kind of energy.” As it turns out, her love of vintage pieces is partially due to grandmother (Lenny’s mom), who passed down several gorgeous rings to her.
Where are your favorite places to vintage shop, and what do you think of Kravitz’s line?
Photo via WWD

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