Zimmermann Answers All of Your Dire Swimsuit Questions

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Zimmermann Answers All of Your Dire Swimsuit Questions
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If there’s anything Aussies have the market cornered on, it’s how to rock a beach look. The designers behind Zimmermann, sisters Nicky and Simone, have been in the game since 1991 and although they’ve added a rather stellar line of ready to wear, it’s their pretty, modern, perfectly flattering suits that kill me every time. Find out what Nicky says every girl should have in her beach wardrobe and why you should steer clear of kaftans, and click through for her swim picks for the season!

What are three things every girl should have in mind when choosing a bathing suit?
For me, swimsuits shouldnt really be looked at any differently to how you put together the other parts of your wardrobe. You should just buy something that you love, makes you feel good and fits in with your personal style. You want to wear styles that work for you in terms of fit and it’s always a good idea to take a lot of styles to the change room because it can be surprising what works best.

How do you define the Zimmermann brand? Who is the girl who wears Zimmermann?
Zimmermann is fresh and optimistic. I design for the girl thats right outside my front door in Tamarama or in Bondi. Shes beautiful and she has her own sense of relaxed style. The Zimmermann girl in Sydney is really no different to the girl who wears our pieces in New York or in L.A.

Whats one suit every girl should own?
A classic black one piece. Its elegant and sexy. I love our Noir 1pce from High Summer its my favourite at the moment.

How long can a bathing suit last? When should you buy a new one?
You need to take care of swimsuits but one of the things that we have spent many years working on is ensuring that they last when properly looked after. But stylistically, I guess they are a bit like any other item in your wardrobe you probably want to update them each season. But Im probably the wrong person to ask because I travel with about 2 swimsuit changes a day…

Whats your favorite kind of cover up?
I like our simple, modern day dresses in cotton voiles or silk. I really dont like kaftans and traditional resort cover-ups.

Whats your favorite iconic beach scene in film or photography?
I like a lot of the 70s beach images in Australia. The raw, honest beach scenes in movies like Puberty Blues. Its not so much a fashion inspiration but it’s very Australian and its unique. The colour of the light, the untamed feeling of the surf.

Whats your favorite beach in the world?
Tamarama, Sydney.

Any fun summer plans?
Were getting out of the Sydney winter and will visit our new store in L.A. Were then heading for short vacation in Bali. [Ed: jealous]

Zimmermann is sold on sites like Shopbop and Net-a-Porter.

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This classic black one piece is my favorite at the moment.

I love the contrast low-rider pant against the floral underwire bra. It’s just sexy but in a more subtle way.

This is classic Zimmermann styling with a mix of prints to create something playful but no saccharine.

I just love the aqua and the chartreuse of our print.  

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