Zendaya’s Pearl-Covered Hoops Prove You Can Have It All

Lindsey Lanquist
Zendaya’s Pearl-Covered Hoops Prove You Can Have It All
Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images.

The cult of idiomatic expressions raised me to understand a few things to be true. Actions speak louder than words. A watched pot never boils. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. But Zendaya, actress and all-around transcendent human being, just called that last one into question.

On Tuesday, Zendaya took to Instagram to share a video of her latest OOTD. The centerpiece of her ensemble is a delicate top, crafted from pink mauve lace and ruffled at the neckline. Though the blouse is undeniably stunning, it isn’t what caught my attention. What did, instead, is the jewelry on her ears: a set of dainty silver hoops covered in haphazardly placed pearls.

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You see, I’ve long been under the impression that pearls and hoops were mutually exclusive; unless you have all kinds of ear piercings going on, you really have to choose one or the other. Will you wear pearl studs, a timeless classic and a staple in any sophisticated-chic wardrobe? Or will you wear hoops, a slightly less timeless classic and a go-to for anyone who wants their outfits to feel sleek and contemporary?

Well, reader, Zendaya just had her cake and ate it, too.

By wearing pearl-covered hoops, Zendaya opted out of this (apparently) arbitrary binary. She got all the polished elegance of pearl earrings without sacrificing the stylish fun of hoops.

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And even better: The juxtaposition of the two earring elements created the perfect accent to Zendaya’s frilly blouse. The metal offered some much-needed weight to the ensemble, and the pearls kept the earrings from overpowering the statement blouse. Truly masterful stuff.

I guess you really can have it all.