Zendaya’s Sleek All-Black Ensemble Is *Anything* But Boring

Maggie Griswold
Zendaya’s Sleek All-Black Ensemble Is *Anything* But Boring
Photo: Matt Baron/Shutterstock.

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Oh, Zendaya: queen of Euphoria, queen of my heart and queen of style. The actress has never once failed to serve me a whole-ass lewk—even when she was a tween on Disney Channel—and her most recent ensemble is just continuing in that tradition. On Thursday night at the premiere of Queen and Slim, Zendaya’s outfit cleared my acne, cleaned my apartment and raised my credit score. Did this all-black ensemble save my life? Maybe. Even though the look itself was relatively simple in execution, it was anything but boring. I feel blessed.

Styled by Luxury Law—who always puts celebrities in the most incredible outfits—Zendaya stepped out on this red carpet looking luxurious as hell. Sleek, sophisticated and full of glorious textured details, the actress’ look was truly stunning. Zendaya wore a black Imane Ayissi Couture textured caftan dress paired with Goya Paris x Imane Ayissi boots. Typically, when someone attends a red carpet event in an all-black outfit, I yawn. So many all-black ensembles are boring and uncreative—but not this Imane Ayissi look on Zendaya. I don’t know how a black caftan can look like haute couture, but it does, and I’m so into it.


ADAM S DAVIS/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock.

Can we also please talk about the fact that Zendaya’s boots boast the same textured detail as the caftan? The actress is covered head-to-toe in these glorious tufted details, and it makes this look so elevated. Plus, this is the type of ensemble you can wear for years to come. Not that most celebrities repeat red carpet looks, but Zendaya could totally wear this ensemble to a holiday party later in the year. We love a versatile look.



Zendaya rounded out the ensemble with some gorgeous Kendra Scott earrings—adding the perfect amount of Hollywood red carpet glam to an already stunning outfit. Zendaya could come out here wearing the most hideous ensemble known to man, and I’d still think she looked good. But I know I’m being objective when I say that this latest Zendaya look is a very good one. All hail the queen.