I Genuinely Thought Zendaya Showed Up Naked To The Venice Film Festival

Bella Gerard
I Genuinely Thought Zendaya Showed Up Naked To The Venice Film Festival
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Just when I think I’m having an unsalvageable bad day, Zendaya swoops in with all the sartorial serotonin a girl could ask for. There’s honestly no one doing red carpet fashion like she is these days, and the barely-there naked dress she showed up wearing in Venice is definitely one of her wildest looks to date. In the words of the wise Missy Elliot, it made ya do a double take.

Fortunately, my double take confirmed to me that no, Zendaya did not forget to pack her gown before boarding the flight to Venice. Worn on the Dunez red carpet at the 78th Venice International Film Festival, the hue of her Balmain dress was a dead ringer for her skin tone and molded flawlessly to her curves, with dreamy draping details that made her look like a marble statue. Goddess vibes, for sure!

These days, it’s rare that a celeb really nails the tailoring of a one-time ensemble, so we often see last-minute looks thrown onto the red carpet (Cough, J.Lo wearing a D&G cape with the tag still on it, cough). I get it, I do—these jetsetters are often too busy to stay in one place for the appropriate number of fittings! Still, props are due when a look is done right, and this is clearly one of those times.

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Z’s Balmain gown isn’t the only portion of the look I’m gushing over. She added a pop of color with her Bulgari jewelry, namely a massive emerald and diamond snake choker with a green orb at its center and a matching emerald and diamond ring. As for her glam, she went with middle-parted wet-look waves, mostly matte skin and a burnt red smoky eye with tight-lined lids and lower lash falsies. The whole thing was a gosh darn moment.

I’m tempted to give Zendaya all the credit because I love her so, but it would be remiss of me to not acknowledge her amazing stylist, Law Roach. Roach is the magician responsible for casting a spell over Zendaya’s wardrobe, making her one of the biggest fashion icons of the times. Every single look is perfectly planned out, and his efforts are always worth his while.

A post from user @checkthetag on Instagram comparing Z’s look to its on-the-runway source shows just how far Roach and Zendaya are willing to go to transform a piece and achieve perfection. The original garment was a deeper shade of brown and appears to be more of a long tank-style tunic than a gown, styled with a turtleneck underneath, a skirt, over-the-knee boots and outerwear to really emphasize a layered look.

When you strip the piece of all the excess layers, a stripped-down look is exactly what you get—Zendaya looks nude! And beautiful and ethereal and elegant and classy and all the things she always is. The world is truly her sartorial runway and we’re just lucky to nab seats in the standing-only section to watch.

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