Zendaya’s September ‘InStyle’ Shoot Features A Dress That’s Bigger Than My Entire Apartment

Maggie Griswold
Zendaya’s September ‘InStyle’ Shoot Features A Dress That’s Bigger Than My Entire Apartment
Photo: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP.

Zendaya has never not been a sartorial icon. Even when she starred in Disney Channel’s Shake It Up back in 2010 (TBT to the endlessly iconic Zendaya and Bella Thorne duo!), there was a certain air of style the actress carried around—or, as much as one can have when Disney Channel dresses you. And 10 years later, Zendaya’s InStyle September 2020 cover shoot has been released to not only bless us all, but also remind us how much of a living legend the actress truly is.

Thankfully, every single ensemble worn by Zendaya in this photoshoot is absolutely incredible. Would we expect anything less? Definitely not—but it’s a treat nonetheless. Considering Zendaya isn’t the most active on Instagram, and there are no live events right to which she would show up in a red carpet-worthy look, getting an entire cover shoot dedicated to Zendaya and her impeccable style is seriously a dream come true. Pardon me as I ogle these photos for days.

Before I end up staring aimlessly at these photos of Zendaya for hours while daydreaming about our life together, allow me to take you through all of her InStyle looks. Let’s start with this cover, shall we? Already off to a gorgeous start, Zendaya posed for the cover wearing the red ALIÉTTE dress of my dreams. And, quite frankly, it only gets better from here.

Next, we have two totally maximalist looks cool enough to make any neutrals-lover ditch their minimalist wardrobe for good. Wearing Solely Fit and Romeo Hunter in the first photo and Hanifa, Tori Soudan and We Dream in Colour in the second, Zendaya has left me speechless. The vibes! The colors! The attitude! This woman can do it all.

Then comes this ridiculously cool Pyer Moss matching dress and boots (!!) ensemble Zendaya wears while dancing on a damn roof. Is this an homage to her role in Spiderman or a nod to the fact that she stands above us all (both literally and figuratively, considering she’s pretty tall)? Either way, I’m here for it.

Last—but most certainly not least—we have Zendaya in a Christopher John Rogers dress that’s bigger than my entire apartment (and probably the house I grew up in, too). Seriously, this gown is so poofy, it makes Cinderella’s ballgown look like a doll’s dress. The social head at InStyle commented best: “The POWER this has, the intelligence this has, the international implications this has!”

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Every single one of these looks is fantastic, but this giant Christopher John Rogers dress high-key takes the cake. Let us all take a moment to give thanks that we live in a time where Zendaya exists, then continue screaming about these photos until the new season of Euphoria distracts us.

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