Zendaya Called Out a Fan Who Photoshopped a Twitter Conversation with Her

Photo: Getty Images

We regret to inform you: It’s promposal season, the time of year when fans create elaborate, often creepy proposals to guilt celebrities into going to prom with them. It’s happened to Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Emma Stone, and dozens of other unsuspecting stars. The latest victim? Zendaya, who was reached out to on Twitter and agreed to go out with the fan if he reached 100,000 retweets—or so her suitor made it seem.

Earlier this week, Harry, a high school student and a mega Zendaya fan, tweeted a screenshot of what appeared to be a Twitter conversation with the 21-year-old. The conversation began with Harry slipping into Zendaya’s DMs and asking her how many retweets it would take for her to go to prom with him. A minute later, Z responds with: “100 thousand!! Good Luck!!” Half an hour later, Harry tweeted a screenshot of the conversation, telling the internet to “make it happen!”

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Within a few hours, the tweet racked up tens of thousands of retweets. But not everyone was convinced. Smelling something fishy, Zendaya’s fans began tweeting at her to confirm that the conversation was true. Eventually catching wind of the tweet, Zendaya shut it down hours later, confirming that the conversation was indeed made-up and photoshopped. “What in the photoshop lmao,” Zendaya wrote in a retweet.

However, the former Disney Channel star had to give Harry some credit—at least he caught her attention. Soon after shutting the promposal down, Zendaya responded to fans who said she fell for the trap regardless. Some fans even memed the situation by creating their own photoshopped screenshots, to which Zendaya responded to.

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Word to the internet: Don’t pull a fast one on Zendaya. Because she sees all. Better luck next time, Harry.