Zendaya Had The Best Response To A Mom Who Thought She Was From ’13 Reasons Why’

Kim Wong-Shing
Photo: Shutterstock.

One more reason to adore Zendaya: she’s nice to clueless but well-meaning moms. A mom ran into Zendaya at a sports bar and mistakenly said Zendaya was from 13 Reasons Why instead of Euphoria, and the video of Zendaya’s response is absolutely amazing.

The Oakland, California mom was extremely excited to run into Zendaya out in the wild—I mean, who wouldn’t be?! She wanted to record a video with the actress for her son Jordan, and Zendaya was happy to oblige. In the video, the mom says, “My son ain’t gonna believe this. Say ‘hi Jordan!'” Zendaya laughs and says hi. The mom continues: “Guess who it is? Your girl from the show 13 Reasons!” Freeze frame, record scratch. Zendaya is not on the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, but instead stars in the HBO series Euphoria. It’s an understandable mistake for a mom to make, though, since both shows deal with some similar themes of mental health and adolescence. Maybe Jordan is a fan of both? Who knows.

In any case, Zendaya handled it perfectly. She halted and said, “Oh—I’m not on that show. I’m on Euphoria, darling.” The mom profusely apologized for her mistake and all was well. Jordan posted his mom’s video to Twitter, and people are loving it. “Bruh my mom saw Zendaya in Oakland and…..bruh. I’m weak,” he wrote in the caption.

The video took place at the sports bar Plank in Jack London Square, where Zendaya was evidently bowling with a pal. This forever memorialized Mom Moment is inspiring a ton of memes, most of which are about Zendaya’s abrupt change of facial expression.

Hilarity aside, we all know Zendaya’s response was sweet as can be! Season two of Euphoria will premiere sometime in 2020, as HBO confirmed on December 15. We can’t wait to see how 13 Reasons—ahhhhh we mean Euphoria, picks up where it left off.