Zayn Malik Hikes in Mismatched Yeezy Boost and Biker Boot in Malibu, Because Why Not



Either Zayn Malik was super stoned on a hike in Malibu over the weekend or he’s trying to be a trendsetter or he can only afford one Yeezy Boost, but for whatever reason, he was spotted out and about yesterday wearing two different black shoes: the aforementioned Boost and a Giuseppe Zanotti black leather biker boot with gunmetal buckles. Since the whole wearing-a-robotic-metal-arm-cuff thing he rocked at the Met Gala didn’t catch on, perhaps he’s trying a different tack on the trend, but here’s guessing (and praying) the unmatched shoe look isn’t going to become a thing, either.

This was flagged today by Twitter user and Malik superfan known as “megs,” who asked the excellent question, “Why is Zayn wearing a yeezy on one foot and a boot on the other,” not forgetting to include an essential face-with-tears-of-joy emoji in her query (😂).

Unfortunately, we have to answer her question by concluding that Malik is indeed participating in some kind of trend (-setting? -following??), as NYT-dubbed “digital tastemaker” Chris Black spotted a fellow insane person trendsetter waiting on line at a Yeezy pop-up in a duck boot and a Boost in the same color family (he went with beige, but everyone knows it’s way cooler to pair two disparate black shoes, as Malik did). As Black so eloquently stated, “SMFH, people are insane.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Gigi Hadid was not spotted (on that hike at all, or in general) in a Louboutin Pigalle and a Manolo Blahnik BB, but then again, those two pumps look similar enough that only a very sharp eye could spot that one. Perhaps Malik and Louis Tomlinson are BFF again, and they went in on a pair of Yeezy Boosts together, cementing the renaissance of their friendship with a pair of shared Boosts, as one does. Yes. That must be it. Let’s all hope this is a friendship thing and not an actual trend.

Unfortch, Twitter is pointing to signs of something much more sinister. Namely, this is an actual trend now, and it’s been going on as far back as February in a variety of different ways. Scroll down to see what we mean. So sorry to ruin your day like this.