Gigi Hadid Slammed for Her Comment on Zayn Malik’s Smoking Selfie

Gigi Hadid Slammed for Her Comment on Zayn Malik’s Smoking Selfie
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If you follow Zayn Malik on Instagram, you know that his comments section is typically filled with thousands of comments fawning over his good looks. However, instead of compliments about his jawline, the 25-year-old singer’s Instagram recently took a turn when he was bombarded with comments slamming him for smoking and promoting an “unhealthy habit.”

The former One Direction member came under fire on Friday when he posted a shirtless selfie of him smoking. The artsy snap, which showed Malik blowing a stream of smoke from his mouth, didn’t reveal exactly what he was smoking, but fans weren’t happy with him inhaling possibly harmful chemicals.

Many fans expressed their concern for Malik, noting the danger and risk smoking has on Malik’s health and career as a singer. Others lashed out at the “Pillowtalk” singer for hurting the health of those around him by smoking in public. However, all critics had one clear message: Stop smoking. A few comments included:

“Please do not smoke Because with every pack you are smoking, your health is at risk.”

“zayn don’t smoke plz.”

“Nooo this made me sad bc smoking can kill you :(”

“do not smoke for your own good I love you but do not do this with you.”

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Despite the backlash, Malik found one supporter in his girlfriend Gigi Hadid, who complimented her boyfriend’s good looks with a comment with heart, fire, and happy-face emojis.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

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However, Hadid’s lax response to her boyfriend’s behavior wasn’t free from criticism. Several fans criticized her for not being harsher on Malik, while others pleaded to her to help her boyfriend quit smoking. A few comments included:

“@gigihadid you have to support him to quit smocking giiiirl.”

“@gigihadid Plz tell zayn to stop smoking. It’s not a good habit.”

@gigihadid stop smocking is bad uurgh that blonde chick.”

“@gigihadid lol gigi teach him not to smoke.”

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Though Hadid likely has a huge influence on Malik’s choices, she wasn’t the one to blame. Malik is an adult who can make his own decisions, and it’s unfair to place that pressure on Hadid. Malik’s bad habits are his own, so leave Hadid out of this.