Zayn Malik Might’ve Cast a Gigi Hadid Look-Alike to Play His Music Video’s Love Interest

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid
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It has been almost a month since Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid announced their breakup, and though most of us are still recovering from what was the 21st century’s most attractive celebrity couple, one member of the relationship has moved on—at least, cinematically—with a woman who fans think looks exactly like his ex-girlfriend.

On Thursday, the 25-year-old singer released the music video for his new single, “Let Me.” The video features an impressive hand-to-hand fight scene, a potential shootout, and tons of sexy smoldering. But what caught the attention of fans was the blonde-haired, bombshell woman who played Malik’s love interest.

After the video dropped, fans flocked to Twitter to point out that Malik’s love interest—played by model Sofia Jamora—looks uncannily like his supermodel ex. Though the women are far from identical, they do have some significant similarities—namely, their beachy blonde hair, pouty lips, and fierce, cat-like eyes.

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Considering that Hadid played the love interest in the music video for Malik’s first-ever solo single, “Pillowtalk,” fans were quick to call his decision to cast Jamora as shade. Some even speculated that Malik was trying to make Hadid “jealous” by hiring a woman who looks similar to her. Whatever Malik’s intent was, it’s undeniable that more than one fan thought that his love interest looked eerily like Hadid.

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It’s unclear if Malik’s casting of a Hadid look-alike was intentional or accidental. Take a look at his music video below and decide on Jamora’s look-alike potential for yourself.

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