Zayn Malik Might’ve Tattooed Gigi Hadid’s Eyes on His Chest, and We’re Shook

Zayn Malik Might’ve Tattooed Gigi Hadid’s Eyes on His Chest, and We’re Shook
Photo: Getty Images

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik might’ve taken their relationship to the next level. On Friday, the 22-year-old model celebrated her boyfriend’s 25th birthday with an adorable, near-shirtless video of him dancing in her apartment. But as cute as the tribute was, that didn’t stop eagle-eyed fans from noticing two peculiar marks on the former One Direction member’s chest.

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The marks, which are sandwiched between two older tattoos, feature smizing eyes with pronounced eyebrows, smokey eyeshadow, and long, curled eyelashes. But these aren’t just any eyes. For many fans, they’re identical to Hadid’s eyes. After posting the Instagram. Hadid was flooded with comments asking if the new tattooed eyes on Malik’s chest were hers. A few comments included:

“Is it just me or does Zayn look like he got a [new] tattoo, if you look closely they look like Gigi‘s eye’s right??!!?!”

“You see those eyes on his chest? It’s gigi’s”

“He got your eyes tattooed in his chest. So cute😍😍😍”

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Though there is no confirmation that the eyes are Hadid’s, Malik has a history of tattooing his girlfriends on his body. In 2013, he tattooed a caricature of his then-girlfriend, Little Mix member Perrie Edwards, on his bicep. After they broke up in 2015, Malik covered the tattoo with a blacked-out mass.

For the sake of Malik’s skin, we hope that him and Hadid never break up or that the eyes aren’t associated with her whatsoever.