Zayn Malik Is Being Body-Shamed as ‘Too Thin’ in These Shirtless Pictures

Zayn Malik Is Being Body-Shamed as ‘Too Thin’ in These Shirtless Pictures
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Body-shaming someone is never OK. But body-shaming someone when they’re experiencing a breakup? Well, the internet has reached a new low. Less than a day after announcing his breakup to Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik is being body-shamed as “too thin” in shirtless pictures posted on his Instagram.

The pictures, posted less than a day after the 25-year-old singer’s breakup announcement, show Malik walking around outside shirtless with baggy, knee-length shorts and a cigarette in his hand. Immediately, Malik’s Instagram was flooded with body-shaming comments from people who considered him “unhealthy” and that he needed to “eat more.”

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For the most part, the opinion was the same as the thin-shaming celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski and Kaia Gerber have faced. What was different was that Malik wasn’t accused of glamorizing a negative body image like the thin-shamed female celebrities before him. Rather, people attacked him for ruining his health by smoking, which, in turn, affected his body. A few comments included:

“Your killing yourself bro eat and train”

“Babe you look so unhealthy 😭Take care of yourself ❤”

“You need a sandwich bud.”

“Please gain some fats … u look unhealthy…..😞”

“why do you look like you’ve been starving yourself?”

“Why do you smoke dude! You should stop it…it’s not good for ya.”

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Like we said earlier, body-shaming, whatever the person’s size, is never OK. But what’s especially despicable about the behavior of these trolls is that Malik has been open about struggling with an eating disorder in the past. In an interview with the Sunday Times, the singer opened up about battling disordered eating as a form of control.

“It was a control thing. Every area of my life was so regimented and controlled, it was the one area where I could say, ‘No, I’m not eating that.’ Once I got over the control, the eating just came back into place super naturally,” Malik said.

Commenting on the weight of someone who has an eating disorder history is especially triggering. We hope that these so-called “fans” realize this and let Malik be.