Zara And Prints: A Match Made In Pattern Heaven

Jordynn Haskins

zara1 Zara And Prints: A Match Made In Pattern Heaven

It’s Friday people (thank the sweet heavens)! I don’t know about you, but it’s definitely been a long week — a rigorous one at that. So to get this weekend started off on a good note, the Zara Spring Collection look book is out and teasing our craving for all things PRINT.  Feeling fresh and funky? Then this trend has your name all over it!

The collection is full of nothing but our favorite spring trends: pleats, color blocking, pastels and tons of mixed floral prints guaranteed to satisfy your every craving. They didn’t stop there… for dessert they really topped it off with a large helping of sexy-to-the-sky thigh high slits (worthy of the gods) and plenty of sheer to bring your inner vixen out. You won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure.

I’m so pumped to give all of these trends a test run. Who’s with me, any takers?