Zara Home Launches Today (And It’s Really, Really Good)

Perrie Samotin

zarahoem Zara Home Launches Today (And Its Really, Really Good)

When we heard high-street haven Zara was planning to bring its affordable home collection stateside, we were thrilled. If the goods were anything like the clothing, our pads would surely look as stylish and on-trend as our wardrobes. We’re pleased to report that the collection — which made its e-commerce debut today— is everything we expected.

The goods are a solid mix of practical essentials and of-the-moment decorative accents, and the price points vary tremendously — you can snatch up a bright-blue fur pillow for $6.90 or a living room rug for $799. Of course, there’s tons of stuff that falls in between, such as $25 picture frames, super-sleek bread plates for $8 each (we’re partial to this cool skull version), $99 juice pitchers, and $15 placemats, to name a few. There’s also a pretty hefty range of designs to suit any aesthetic, from English country to modern midcentury. One caveat: The site itself is as clean and as easy to navigate as the brand’s fashion Web site, which means hours of distraction may await you.

Do you plan on sprucing up your place with Zara’s home collection? Let us know! 

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