Zara Enlists “Real People” In Amazing Street Style Shots

Kerry Pieri
Zara Enlists “Real People” In Amazing Street Style Shots
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I really, really love Zara. When I go through phases wherein I decide I’m only going to buy quality, luxury, investment pieces and skip all of the cheap throwaway stuff, I still go to Zara because I love it and the quality is there. And it’s around the corner from my apartment. Love it.

I also have a penchant for street style images. I can click through the Tommy Ton for hours. In fact, many of the looks I die for, found on people hanging out outside of Fashion Weeks and beyond, are the result of some successful Zara excursions.

Zara went and brought it all together by enlisting people who love Zara to submit street style photos of themselves to the Zara site. Called People!, each week Zara showcases the best styled current season looks many found on bloggers for your viewing pleasure.

Click through for the cutest. The site is all set for the Spring/Summer season, but you can start submitting your own shots beginning in September. And you get paid over $400 bucks if you’re picked. Win. Win. Go buy some more Zara.

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