Zac Posen: Martha Stewart’s Intern?


Zac Posen officially has way better things to do than design Bella Swan’s Twilight wedding dress. According to Page Six, the designer recently bid on and won (for $3,500!) a six week internship with queen of domestic design, Martha Stewart, at her charity gala for the Mount Sinai Hospital this past Wednesday.

Upon receiving news he would be one of Martha’s minions, Posen tweeted, “I’m so happy that I won a 6 week internship with @marthastewart. Whatever will I learn??” Hmm, let’s see How to make your jail cell chic? How to make an empire built on scrap booking and pine cone crafts? The possibilities are endless! And somewhere, a struggling, poverty-stricken student who would have killed to kiss Martha’s feet, is weeping.