These Zac Efron Memes Prove He’s Been a Zaddy For Over a Decade

Zac Efron in "Down to Earth"
Photo: Netflix.

These days, Zac Efron memes are everywhere on the internet. Since the release of his new Netflix series, Down to Earth, Zac Efron memes have taken over Twitter, especially among fans who remember him as fresh-faced Troy Bolton in High School Musical. As these Zac Efron memes show, the actor has changed a lot since his Disney Channel days, and it’s time to discuss how he’s continued to be the crush of a generation for more than a decade, despite his ever-changing looks.

But before we list our favorite Zac Efron memes from the internet, let’s recap what Down to Earth is about. Down to Earth, which premiered on Netflix on July 10, follows the actor as he travels around the world to countries such as France, Puerto Rico, Iceland, Peru and Italy to learn about nature, green energy and sustainable living. Accompanying him on his journey is Darien Olien, a wellness entrepreneur who’s married to Eliza Coupe.

But back to the Zac Efron memes. Many of the viral jokes around the actor have revolved around how hot he looks in Down to Earth and how the man has, of course, aged in the past decade but continues to be the number one crush among millennials. Ahead are the funniest Zac Efron memes and tweets we’ve found on the internet.

“we’re all allowed a moment of weakness every now and then. here’s mine: Zac Efron exploring the world in Down to Earth is my new kink and life goal.”

“Zac Efron has been peak at basically every age. Dreamy non threatening teen dream, college age swoony, muscley late 20 something, and now…this.”

“zac efron is the most christian dressed man on earth. he looks like he goes to a young adults 18-24 group bc he misses youth group.”

“Watching Down To Earth on Netflix with Zac Efron for the plot

The plot:”

“Zac Efron’s new series is basically about how everywhere is better than America. I hate it here #DownToEarth”

“Zac Efron lookin like a full Pokemon evolution #ZacEfron”

:Zac Efron is all of us.”

“Me trying to convince my bf that I watch #DownToEarth for the nature & not for Zac Efron.”

“As I grow older, Zac Efron evolves into exactly my type every season of my life. Bless.”

“zac efron’s goofy ass travel show about sustainability is exactly the hot boy content™️ i needed rn”

“i have no idea why zac efron of all people is hosting a food show but i do know it’s worth it because he’s shirtless, proceed accordingly”


“Zac Efron was a child five minutes ago and then this happened?”

“I’m just watching Down to Earth to see if Zac Efron breaks out into song. I want to hear Bet on It please. (Honestly this is a really good show.)”

“How we all feel about Zac Efron after watching his new documentary.”

“That’s Mother Earth, bro” – something someone says within the first minutes of Zac Efron’s Netflix travel show”